Revived! Solutions for Low Blood Pressure

Currently the Book is only available via Amazon as Kindle or paperback.

  • Stop woozy head, foggy thinking, and memory lapses
  • Erase fatigue, reduce anxiety, boost mood and feel great
  • Prevent hearing loss, glaucoma, and dementia, all side effects of low blood pressure
  • Improve hair, nail, and skin quality by improving circulation
  • Manage blood pressure naturally without drugs or diets
  • Detect underlying causes of low blood pressure and treat them like an expert
  • Awarded finalist status from Beverly Hills International Book Award
  • Written by a Doctor that banished chronic fatigue by treating her own low blood pressure
  • Based on 20 years of clinical experience
  • Easy to understand language
  • Over 170 pages packed with information
  • Backed by 134 references


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