Single Burner Cooking Range

We have tried a number of single burner cooking ranges, but as well as they do their job they don’t seem to last beyond 5 months of regular usage. We really liked the infrared type, as they heat up and cool down fast, but unfortunately don’t stand the test of time. The cast iron models take forever to heat up and cool down. The only remaining electric option for us was a coil type. It is the best compromise for quick heat up and cool down, as well as durability. Induction cooktops are not an option for us as they emit an electromagnetic field similar to microwaves. Studies have shown that microwaves alter and/or reduce nutritional composition of food, so for the time being we prefer to stick with traditional devices.

This little professional cooking range has saved our lives, it has made life possible through our home renovations and will find a permanent home in our travel van “LUVe”.

It is compact, yet powerful and works just as good as any burner on a full size stove.

Coiled burner means fast heat up and cools downs, it responds quickly to changes in temperature setting with a precise temperature control. Best of all the burner coil is easily replaceable.

We love our little travel stove for its ease of fitting into any carry-on luggage, but the compromise of small size and weight is added cooking time.

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