The Cholesterol Trap

The prospect of dying from heart disease doesn’t make the future look attractive and when the lab report says high cholesterol, one cannot ignore such warning.  In order to outsmart the cholesterol monster and keep the arteries clean many patients choose a low fat diet and prescription medication.

For years I did not see anything wrong with this approach until I witnessed a disturbing trend. Those heart-conscious patients, who were supposed to be protected by low cholesterol, were not any closer to being immune from heart attacks, strokes, or blocked arteries. It did not matter that they were stuck with expensive pills or unpalatable diets. They were just as unwell, or in many cases even more feeble, than patients who did nothing.

This observation made me re-examine current cholesterol practices. I realized that forceful cholesterol correction may not only be futile, but can actually make many patients worse off. If you still think that lower cholesterol is the best prescription for health, low-fat diet prevents heart attacks, and statins are worth their side effects, this book is for you. Enjoy and be(come) well.



NOTE: The book is currently available only via Amazon (Kindle or paperback)