Glyphosate foods to avoid

14 Glyphosate foods to avoid and why

Glyphosate foods to avoidYour health comes from the gut and that you only have one.

So, you likely don’t want to eat foods that may ruin your health, foods that have potentially harmful chemicals on it. If this is your mission then you need to get familiar with which 14 glyphosate foods to avoid.

Have you ever been advised to eat yogurt and swallow bacteria pills to improve your gut health? Sure, you have. But have they worked? Have they given you perfect health? If not, then glyphosate may have intervened. 

Glyphosate 101

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide also going under the popular name Roundup. It is used extensively on food crops during the growing season as well as just before harvest to make commercial farmers lives easier. 

There is a lot of controversy about glyphosate. Some claim it is completely safe, some claim that it causes many health problems, including cancer. If glyphosate wasn’t present in food none of that would matter. Unfortunately, glyphosate is a frequent side dish in healthy meals. Canadian Food Inspection agency found that 36.6% of grain products carry glyphosate, so do 47% of bean and lentils.[2]


Why does it matter? It matters, because glyphosate acts as an antibiotic. And that means every time you eat glyphosate foods you end up with less of good gut bacteria.[1]  And there are consequences. If your gut flora gets imbalanced, a whole host of health problems will be showing up up. Chronic inflammation is just one of them. 

Does this mean that your well-designed and perfectly balanced meals may have an ill-health Trojan horse inside? Sadly yes. Even with a careful meal planning, the sneaky glyphosate may completely cancel out your health efforts. That’s why you need to know which glyphosate foods to avoid.

14 glyphosate foods to avoid

So, where is glyphosate? It is in your bean burritos, hummus, and corn chips. You get it in the soy bars you use for weight loss, baked potato chips, and even the oatmeal your doctor recommended. 

Glyphosate is everywhere because it is sprayed on many popular crops. Its residue can be found in bread, cereals, fries, beans, and oils. Consider that any products made out of the crops listed below, will likely not be good for your gut. 

Here are 14 glyphosate foods to avoid:
  1. corn
  2. barley
  3. wheat
  4. oats
  5. buckwheat
  6. millet
  7. oilseed rape
  8. lentils
  9. garbanzos
  10. peas
  11. soybean
  12. flax
  13. sunflower and
  14. potatoes.  

Who is lying to you?

We truly live in a bizarre world and our medical system sucks. Think about it: on one hand we are told to eat “healthy” grains and lentils that contain glyphosate and damage our gut flora, on the other hand we get handed out gazillions of anti-inflammatory prescriptions to feel better. Blind leading the blind or there is some blatant lies we are being fed by the health authorities. 

But don’t point the finger at your doctor. He isn’t an agri-specialist. He may have never visited a farm in his life. He does not know anything about farm business. The only thing he knows is that chronic inflammation needs to go away, but besides writing a prescription for an NSAID or another anti-inflammatory pill, he pretty much is out of tools.

How to stop killing yourself and the planet

I am sure that your doctor is not out to kill the planet, but unfortunately that’s how medical system operates. Not only it does not address the root cause, but also proposes solution that may be highly damaging: the pills. Did you know that NSAIDs damage the gut flora? [3], [4] Did you know that NSAIDS also damage the ecosystem?[5]

You CAN stop vicious cycle. There is one simple step you can take to make the change for the better: use your money kindly. Don’t support commercial farming, don’t buy cheap prepackaged food, don’t do junk. Junk not only will make you more inflamed, but will also help the eco-lethal agriculture grow into a fat monster. Whenever possible, buy from a local organic or self-sustainable farmer. And make sure you know which glyphosate foods to avoid.

Just that one change alone will help you ditch the chronic “incurable” inflammation. Teach your doctor. Maybe he will have an aha moment as well.

Two weeks to better health

So, how about a two-week trial off glyphosate? Good, but do you know what it means?

69 Pleasures kindle coverOff glyphosate means the table must be free of cornflakes, blueberry muffins, oat flakes, tofu cubes, and fried rice that have been drowned in canola oil.

It also means no chips, lentil soups and corn salads. Glyphosate-free days exclude most eat-outs, fast food, and shady restaurants.

Staying off glyphosate can be a challenge, because even some organic brands can contain the herbicide.  

The two weeks off glyphosate will not reverse diabetes, fix fluctuating blood pressure or slim down fatty liver, but it can definitely put you in a path towards better health. Once you master the art of food preparation (69 Pleasures cookbook makes it really easy), you will on your way to slimmer and more functional body. 


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