15 barriers to good health

15 Common Barriers to Good Health

Some of you may know that we have decided to make a 180 degree lifestyle turn. It surprised my peers, my patients, and family. Why would a doctor give up her clinic? Well, for the similar reason why the monk sold his Ferrari.

Happiness does not come from great wealth nor steady income. It follows robust health, harmonious relationships, and pursuit of noble purpose in life. That is a no brainer, but as simple as is sounds, very few manage to master either one of the above. Instead, we develop dependency on pharmaceuticals, carry on with dysfunctional relationships, and focus on mindless making and spending money.

I caught myself doing exactly that. My daily routine became so convenient and predictable that it became a vicious cycle. I developed sedentary habits and my health started to go downhill. Grey hair, pimples, cellulite, brown spots, and visceral fat crept up on me. No, these have nothing to do with age, but all to do with accelerated ageing, which is not due to genetics, but due to faulty lifestyle.

To fix the above I saw only two choices: either to consent to the progressive ugliness and chronic inflammatory diseases or to dramatically change my lifestyle. I opted for the second. And although I could have slowed down the ageing process with antioxidant supplements or special juicing, I never cared to get stuck on pills or unnatural diets. With those eventually I would either go bankrupt or get bored. And if none of the above, I am sure my stomach would object.

Thus I closed a mega-city clinic, moved away to a quiet village and decided to help people recover their health by providing free or near-free health information. So far I have written a few hundred of blog posts and five books. They are the result of two decades of listening, engaging, and doctoring. Strangely, they don`t contain typical doctors spiels. I have learnt over years that reciting Lancet’s studies and prescribing protocols does a lot of good for processed food and drug manufacturers, but very little for the patients.

Good health does not start with a physical

Good health requires effort. It is a self-care skill that anyone can learn. It costs very little when compared to disease management, which can be ultra-expensive. Interestingly, good health does not start with taking blood pressure pills, juicing or buying turmeric supplements. It starts with getting rid of outdated views, self-sabotaging habits, and lame excuses.

Regardless whether you have high blood pressure, swollen ankles, high cholesterol, bloated stomach, or recurrent sniffles your first step towards better health needs not to start with an annual physical but with honest self-evaluation.

I have put together a short list of common beliefs that are known to keep people away from good health. These are so wide-spread that either you heard them already or maybe even fell a victim of one.


1.“I can’t lose weight. I have thick bones”

No you don’t. Have you ever seen a fat skeleton?

2.“If I slimmed down I would look very skinny”

That’s true if you don’t have muscles. You need to build them up first. Start lifting weights.

 3. “I am healthy”

The ability to talk, eat, and watch TV does not automatically put you at peak health. And since good health does not need pills, dependence on pharmaceuticals is a sure sign that something is wrong in this department.

69 Pleasures kindle cover4. “I don’t need to exercise, I am active”

Even though walking up to a bus stop makes you tired, it does not make you any fitter.

5. “I eat healthy”

Let’s really find out. Do you eat healthy food, or packaged “health food”? Distinguish the two and stop following ill health fads.

6. “I tried everything. Nothing works”

Admit it, you only tried a few different drugs and two products from the internet. Look beyond your comfort zone. Hook up with a qualified professional outside the mainstream.

7. “My condition is genetic”

Unless you were born with it, chances are you have contributed to your ill-health yourself. Banish that distorted theory and look at other contributory factors, such as unhealthy environment, poor diet or lack of physical activity.


8. “Natural medicine is ineffective”

If you hope that natural remedies can substitute drugs, you are in for a rude awakening. Natural medicine is about health restoration, not disease‘s management. Know what you are after.

9. “Getting older means getting sicker”

Sure, health errors pile up over time and the less healthy your lifestyle the faster the sickness creeps up. Error-proof your lifestyle today regardless of your state of health.

10. “Being a vegan is the best way to go”

No it is not. It is neither sustainable for the body, nor good for the planet.

11. “Meat is bad for health”

Yes, it is – if it is comes from commercial farms, stressed and illness-ridden animals, but this has nothing to do with a grass-fed, robust stock. Research analysts seldom acknowledge the difference.

12. “Healthy food tastes bland”

No it doesn’t. Here is a clue: change your cooking style.

13. “My doctor knows everything”

If your doctor knew everything you would be cured of all possible diseases already and won’t need her/him any longer

14. “My doctor will keep me in good health”

No he won’t. He specializes in managing diseases, not organic cooking or relaxation strategies. Developing solid self-care skills is your own responsibility.

15. “My ill lifestyle is my business”

No, it is not. Ill lifestyles are damaging to everyone, not just one person. We cannot live in a polluted environment. Commercial farming, fast food garbage, and drug metabolites, a mainstay of ill lifestyles, cause irreparable damage to our habitat. Stop the vicious cycle. Be a better person.

So, how do you go from here to better health? You have two choices. Either take a really big step and change the lifestyle, or take a little step and focus on better nutrition. That means either you need to follow 5 health ingredients or indulge in 69 Pleasures.


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