Signs of low immune system

3 signs of low immunity

Blood work is consistently unreliable in picking up low immunity.

That’s why you need to rely on yourself to catch low immune system signs early. But getting a flu is not the same as having weak defenses. Flu only means the body is trying hard to protect you from the germs.

Why you need a strong immune system

Strong immune system not only protects you against colds and flus, but also to keeps you away from chronic viral infections such as hepatitis, herpes, and stands guard against the biggest fear of all: cancers. So how could you tell that your system is low? Here are nine signs of low immune system


Not everyone has the same signs of compromised health, but having at least one of the signs below should make you wonder about your body defenses.

Frequent colds – a sign of low immunity

If it happens that you catch colds frequently, are sensitive to cold and have frequent sore throat your immune system is likely compromised. Being sensitive to cold weather and catching cold frequently could be due to low body temperature. You can check your core temperature in the morning when still lying in bed under covers. A normal oral body temperature that supports strong immune system should not read below 36.3°C (97.3 °F).

Lower body temperature invites viruses. Rhinovirus, a common cold virus has the fastest replication rate at 33°C (91°F), so the lower your body temperature the more likely you are to become a host to the virus. Focusing on raising core temperature to boost immune system makes sense. Exercise is great for that. Every time you move body temperature goes up automatically boosting body defenses. But exercise is not the only way to boost temperature.

Few people know that foods can do that too. All foods have an energetic signature. Some are warm, some are cold and that despite whether the food is served hot of cold. To increase body temperature focus on eating energetically warm foods and remove cold foods from your menu.

Among warm foods are:

  • garlic,
  • ginger,
  • cinnamon,
  • oats,
  • lamb,
  • trout,
  • coconut and

Among cold foods are:

  • wheat,
  • tomato,
  • citrus,
  • banana,
  • yogurt, and
  • cucumber.

Remember those solid energetic food rules, especially in winter, and especially if you are prone to cold.

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureInterestingly low body temperature frequently accompanies poor circulation, which can be detected as low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is very common, but discounted by health care practitioners as a non-lethal phenomenon.

If you chill easily and easily get colds you may unknowingly be a victim of low blood pressure. To know how to test and how to improve poor circulation get a must-read: The Guide to perfecting blood pressure.

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Lacking fever – another sign of poor immune system

A strong body has power, power to kill viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. That power comes from heat, called fever. A strong immune system should be able to raise core temperature high enough to create unfavorable environment for the invaders. Fever is a normal and a desirable response of the body in a fighting mode. Unfortunately many people do not understand fever benefits and fear it instead of working with it.

The best way to fight viruses and bacteria is not to suppress the fever, but allow it to work. The best way to keep strong immune system is to ALLOW it to work the way it has been designed to. The cardinal sign of low immune system is its inability to create fever when needed. If you haven`t had a fever for years despite infections… hmmm.

Skin signs – really low immune system

Can you spot low immune system by looking at the skin? Apparently you can. Actinic keratosis, these little brown rough skin patches showing up on the abdomen and back at the advnaced age are related to diminished devenses.

Actinic spots are a common phenomenon in people using immune suppressing drugs. But these skin marks should not be confused with liver spots, also called sun spots. Sun spots are flat. Actinic keratosis spots are raised and are loaded with viral particles.

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemIf you just looked in the mirror and found a few of those it’s time to seriously consider supporting your body. But before you buy Echinacea or another highly-advertised product for boosting the immunity you should consider why you have poor immunity to begin with?

Unless you find and remove the underlying causes of the weak immune system do not expect a sudden change for the better. You will find great information on how to make a swift turnaround in “Ousting Sniffles“.


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