Because Health is a Skill, not a Pill

Robust health is within your reach. If you don’t feel well you are likely missing one or more of Five UthingTM Ingredients.

Five UthingTM Ingredients aren’t anything you can buy in a store. You have to fit them in your days consciously and consistently. They are your voluntary lifestyle choices: your diet, your physical effort, your outdoor adventures, your tiny inhabitants, and your attitude. They are all you need to enjoy super-health.

Here are you MUST-HAVEs for boasting super-health:

1. The menu

Nutrition is king, thus you need a good menu. Where can you find one that is body-friendly, planet-friendly, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient? 

Don’t look any further. Not only we created a set of simplified nutritional guidelines, but we also put together 69 mouth-watering recipes featuring them

2. The movement

Stiff in the morning, too tired for exercise, wary of pain in the knees? Don’t just give up! Movement is essential to well-being. Strong muscles and flexible joints are prerequisites to health. Functional body can’t be build on diet alone. It needs to be physically challenged.

Moving muscles do not just take a person from one place to another. They actually take him to a different metabolic state. They move his body from tired to energetic, from frail to strong, and from waning to thriving. Physical effort is the key to peak metabolism. Sedentary lifestyle is the fastest way to lose one’s health.

3. The outdoors

5 Uthing Ingredients - OutdoorsSun and Earth are yang and yin of life. When they are in balance life thrives. When either one is lacking life fails. Humans, not unlike plants, need the yang of the Sun and yin of the Earth. Basically, we need the Sun to boost our batteries and the Earth to control their charge.

Few people know that Sun & Earth are health necessities. Did you know that photons repair our DNA and Earth-bound electrons control the oxidative damage? Look around. Indoor hermits aren’t pictures of health. When life is void of Sun & Earth, it cannot flourish.

4. The microflora

We are not alone on this planet. Neither we live in isolation. Everything and everyone is interconnected by some kind of symbiotic relationship. Human body has ten times more microbes  than their own cells. Luckily, we can choose our inhabitants. 

Why should one care about the microbes, something that’s so small that can’t be seen with a naked eye? Because the microbes don’t live a quiet life. They take from the body and give to the body. What they take, and what they give steers health in different directions. Some microbes will take the body waste and turn it into vitamins. Other will take the vitamins and turn them into waste. Body tenants are the key to its health.

5. The Love

5 Uthing Ingredients - LovePeople who are happily married live longer.[i] People who go to church outlive those who don’t.[ii] Positive outlook extends life and optimism reduces deaths.[iii] Hugs lower stress.[iv] Meditation boosts health, so does a prayer.[v]

Living while surrounded by love brings harmony, lessens stress, and leads to a longer lifespan. Want to have a longer more fulfilling life? Start with love!

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