rules on how to make immune system stronger

7 rules on how to make immune system stronger

The answer to the question how to make immune system stronger does not have to be complicated.

Even though the rules are rather straighforward more and more people are becoming victims of weak immune systems. Autoimmune diseases, cancers, and killer-flus are common examples of incompetent immunity.

Why is a strong immune system important?

Immune system does not just gets rid of colds. A role of our defenses is much  bigger than that. This is what it does:

  • prevents respiratory infections such as colds, flus, bronchitis, and pneumonia
  • prevents viral infections such as hepatitis, HIV, and herpes
  • prevents chronic sinusitis and allergies (seasonal and food)
  • prevents stomach ulcers due to bacteria
  • prevents chronic inflammation
  • prevents autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and MS
  • prevents all cancers

So, taking care of the body makes sense especially that we live in an era of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, nasty viruses and epidemic of cancer. The problem is that many of us walk about with obvious signs of weak immune system, without even realizing it.

The benefits of having strong immunity are many. Strong defenses protect against recurrent infections, allergies, improves chances for recovery, as well as is as protects against many life-threatening disease including cancer.

If you are a foodie and want to start treating your body with foods here is a downloadable chart summarizing foods that boost immune system. Post it on your fridge and look it up frequently.


So here are the promised 7 rules for keeping the body strong:

Rules on how to make immune system stronger

1. Invest in healthy digestive system

Did you know that digestive track makes up close to 80% of the immune system? The gut hosts billions of good bacteria. These good bacteria, called probiotics, cover and protect a thin layer of digestive lining that contains the immune system. Without this “carpet” of probiotics, the thin lining is damaged and the defenses get weakened. How to make immune system stronger? A simple answer is: ensure daily abundant supply of protective probiotics. 

2. Get rid of Candida

One of the most common microbes that compromise the body is Candida. Overgrowth of Candida is challenging to the defense system. Overgrowth of Candida frequently leads to development of allergies and environmental sensitivities, a telltale signs of compromised immunity.

3. Say no to antibiotics!

Say no to antibiotics whenever you can, but remember prescriptions are given for reason. Medications are there to help you. However, despite making you feel better antibiotics tend to give short-term relief and long-term negative consequences. Antibiotics are the leaders among drugs contributing to weak defenses, mainly because they destroy good bacterial flora in the intestines. Antibiotics are not the only drugs negatively affecting the body defenses. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and NSAIDs are among them as well.

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4. Shift your food focus! 

How to make immune system stronger with foods? It is simple. Avoid junk, invest in high-nutrient organic produce, cook at home, drop the sugar and use tons of spices.

Many people make a mistake by relying on nutritionally useless cheap fillers such as flour and sugar. This is because of the taste preference and low cost. You may unknowingly make that mistake as well.

Let`s have a quick test. Do you asks your servers “what health benefits do I get by eating this“. No, you ask “how much is it?” Admit it. It is the convenience, taste and money, but not the immune system that is on your mind when ordering food.

Yet, this small shift in thinking will help you better prioritize your food choices and will make a big difference to your immune system.

5. Stop microwaving!

Quick reheats, work lunches, and TV dinners. They all go well with a microwave. Although microwaving may be a convenient way to cook and reheat, it may also turn out to be the fastest way to a weak immune system[i],[ii].  Some studies suggest that microwaved food can lose up to 97% of its antioxidant power[iii].

6. Look out for chronic inflammation

Ousting Sniffles - how to build iron-strong immune system“Inflammation” is the latest health buzzword. Yet despite its popularity, low-grade chronic inflammation is still eluding doctors and patients alike. Continuous inflammation is an indication of a chronically stressed body defenses.

Nine out of ten people have chronic inflammation, but they are not aware of it. The reason is strange, but true. Very few classically-trained doctors know how to test for low-grade chronic inflammation that drains the body. Unless you ask for specific test and see the results for yourself you may never uncover the reason for your susceptibility to viruses, autoimmune problems, and cancers.

Below are the tests you want to check to detect hidden chronic inflammation :

  • mildly elevated white blood cells,
  • elevated cholesterol,
  • elevated uric acid,
  • elevated hsCRP,
  • elevated IL-6,
  • high ESR,
  • high ferritin,
  • low IgA,
  • low adiponectin

Look at your recent blood tests and find the names of these tests on the report. If they are not there ask your doctor for assistance and get tested. If your test numbers suggest you have low grade inflammation ask your doctor for an immune system boosting treatment. Be aware that commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medication does not boost, but instead suppresses your immunity.

7. Let go!

You may not realize, but a marital problems or a demanding job can be a significant contributor to badly damaged immune system. Stress decreases many types of immune cells including natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-cells[iv]. These cells decide on inflammation,  and ability to attack pathogens as well as cancer cells. There is even evidence suggesting that chronic stress can cause allergies[v],[vi]. Psycho-neuro-immunology, a new medical field, investigates interdependence between emotions (including stress) and immune system.

Strong immunity for life is not a random event, but the end effect of a healthy lifestyle habits. Follow the above 7 rules for maximum protection and become an expert on how to make immune stronger.  For more details get “Ousting Sniffles“. It has further tips on how to build a robust immune system.

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