Boost immune system and lower cholesterol

A trick to boost low immune system and lower cholesterol

I have written extensively on low immune system causes. If you have read some of the articles you may recall that low immune system may be also be caused by lack of body fire.

Low body temperature is a common finding in people with recurrent colds. Having said that, if you are prone to sniffles, you need to know a thing or two about your basal body temperature (BBT), before you can kiss your virus goodbye.

How to test BBT

  1. Mark five to seven consecutive days on your calendar. This is the minimum number of days for establishing your average body temperature.
  2. Take your temperature in the morning, before rising. Make sure your thermometer is accurate. It also must be handy to reach, so you don’t get up from the bed. Any activity can raise BBT.
  3. Record your number on a paper (old style) or your phone (new style). Consistent findings below 36°C (97°F) is low and will be affecting the immune system.

Cold and low immune system

Many viruses use low body temperature as a signal to reproduce and a sniffle master, common cold virus, is not any different. A large proportion of people suffering from recurrent colds have low BBT. But since temperature checks aren’t performed unless one has a fever, many people walk around with mucoid noses and limp anatomies not realizing that their health disaster is caused by their downgraded BBT.

Do you have fireless body?

How can you tell if your body is lacking fire? Low BBT usually accompanies cold intolerance, aversion to exertion, low motivation and even low blood pressure. But being cold and lazy is seldom seen as a health concern. Instead it is mistaken for a personality trait. I hear your sigh. You are not alone. Groggy mornings, frequent fatigue bouts, and memory lapses are typical in people with low body temperature and consequently weak immune system.

Higher BBT, stronger immune system

Low BBT, just like low immune system, has many different causes. It may be due to poor circulation, lack of physical exertion, excessive use of cold food, cold climate, malnutrition and countless other factors.


Body coldness may also be due to misfiring brain and hormonal underproduction, which is the case in hypothyroid. It is not a mystery in medical circles that low thyroid and cold body go together.

Although “they” say there is nothing one can do for hypothyroid except hormonal replacement, “they”, the conventionally trained medical personnel, forget that the thyroid, like any other organ depends on nutrients, and when those are missing, so is thyroid performance.

Thyroid needs iodine

Just like bones need a good heap of calcium, thyroid needs a good heap of iodine for healthy performance. Unfortunately, unlike an easy bone mineral density test that can tell calcium reserves, no convenient test can tell if thyroid is low in iodine.

That’s unfortunate, because due to the testing difficulties no one looks for iodine deficiency. Yet, bumping up its reserves may be the key treatment of low immune system, specifically in clearing up those mucoid noses and propping up those limp anatomies.

Did you know that about half of the USA sits on a “goiter belt”, an area with very low naturally occurring iodine?

Iodine deficiency is said to be largely eliminated by iodized salt, but many cold-bodied individuals are on a low salt diet for health reasons. Lack of iodine lowers metabolic rate and makes the body colder, which in turn makes it an easy target for viruses. But you can change that.

One cheap solution to boost low immune system

If your mucoid nose is a billboard for iodine deficiency, you should suspend your ad campaign and fix your unsightly drip in a hurry. How?

I would not propose ingesting iodine due to possibility of toxicity and the fact that an overdose is difficult to detect. Instead I suggest you get a topical solution. That you will find on first-aid shelves of any pharmacy. It is super cheap, so look at the bottom or top shelf, where stores keep their less profitable items. The bottle should read 2% potassium iodide on the ingredient list. Check it.

Do not use providone iodine which contains polyvinylpyrrolidone, unless you want your body to absorb this chemical as well. Supplementation of iodine via skin is, in my opinion, absolutely the best and the safest way to up this mineral reserves, and in the process, boost low immune system.

Brown patches for health

To supplement smear the solution on any part of your body, although hairless parts work best. You don’t need to use much. Just 1” or 1.5” patch will do. About 12% of the iodine will penetrate the skin and will be slowly released over the next few days providing a good steady supply of the mineral.[i]  Once the patch disappears repeat body painting in a different area.

Some say that the speed of disappearance of the color correlates with the deficiency state and that the faster the color fades the deeper the need for the mineral. This may be so, but other factors also play a role. Studies have confirmed that the evaporation rate accelerates with increased air temperature and lower atmospheric pressure, so don`t panic if your patch goes away in two hours.

What happens if body painting works?

If you have successfully eliminated iodine deficiency, you should see some changes in your body. Retest your BBT to see whether it has gone up. If it has, great! Higher metabolic rate may not only fix your frequent colds dilemma, but also boost energy, improve mood, and slim you down.

Can body painting lower cholesterol naturally?

This is where things get really interesting. Low metabolic rate, which is linked to hypothyroid, also has an incredible effect on cholesterol profile.  Thyroid influences bad cholesterol (LDL) levels by managing its synthesis, catabolism, absorption, or excretion, which practically means everything.[ii] Low performing thyroid is a common reason behind high cholesterol.

The Cholesterol TrapIf your doctor prescribed cholesterol-lowering meds or you are desperately trying to figure out a way to lower your cholesterol naturally, don’t look any further unless you would have tried to boost your nutrients first.

Don’t rely on your conventionally trained doctors for directions. Because of lack of nutritional knowledge many doctors prescribe pills to lower cholesterol, while they actually should prescribe nutrients to boost the thyroid.

Don’t wait too long. Dedicate one or two months to body painting. This simple trick may not only boost low immune system but also lower cholesterol naturally.

For further insights on cholesterol grab the book “The Cholesterol Trap!” An immune system book is in the works. Be patient.



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