Advanced Uthing™ with Squash

After the first few trials at the local gym we actually started to like squash. I guess it was right at our health level. True fitness starts at health level B, and is made of several components you may never heard about.

Walking is NOT a good exercise

There has been a general idea that walking is a good exercise. I cannot disagree more. Only a person at Uthing Score D or below can consider walking or brisk walking an exercise. For a Score C it is a regular daily activity. And although it burns calories and it contributes to health, walking would not be able to elevate a person from a C to a B.

To retain youthfulness to old age we need to pay attention to more than just walking. What about muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and balance?

Power walking vs walking

Squash is a perfect sport to cultivate all these five youth-retaining fitness areas. Yet, leisure walking supports none of those. However, do not mix up strolling with power-walking. Power walking, although doing nothing for flexibility, agility, and balance, is still good enough for muscle strength and endurance. Power walking is a good starting point for Score C.

Nonetheless, we consider squash to be an excellent sport for health level B. It is quite inexpensive to own a racquet and a ball (which does not get lost, like in tennis). The only difficulty is to find an inexpensive squash court available to public. Check your local gym before signing up with a club. This way you will have considerable flexibility as to time and your pace.

Ideal for Uthing Score B

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