Common colds and low blood sugar symptoms

Are recurrent colds related to low blood sugar symptoms?

Can it be that recurrent colds are somehow related to low blood sugar symptoms?

Is it possible that apparently distant immune system weakness could be related to hormone-mediated carbohydrate metabolism?

Are frequent colds and stuffy noses in any way related to symptoms of hypoglycemia and sugar cravings? Yes, they very well can.

Causes of low blood sugar symptoms

Low blood sugar symptoms come on for variety of reasons. They can be related to fasting, wrong food choices, poorly functioning liver, overproduction of insulin, and even stress.

The causes are many and are frequently hidden. If you are experiencing sugar cravings, anxiety, weight gain or fatigue you should check out why these likely symptoms of low blood sugar are following you.

Not sure which are and which are NOT symptoms of low blood sugar? You will find the answers in the links below.

Causes of frequent colds

Common colds are due to viral infection not due to carbohydrate processing problems. Recurrent colds signal that the virus seems to be finding special comfort in someone’s nasal passages. But these nasal passages are not just anybody’s. They must have the most virus-friendly environment, the environment that supports viral growth and reproduction.

Did you know that some foods may make the body environment more prone to recurring colds? These are cooling foods. Know them and avoid them if you have frequent colds. You will find those foods in the chart below. Print it and stick it to your fridge.


The common cold virus does infect randomly. It is attracted to a specific environment, which presents the most virus-friendly terrain. If you are fed up of runny noses, watery eyes and crumpled tissues find out from the links below if your nose has that viral attraction effect.

A link between frequent colds and low blood sugar symptoms

The bottom line is that there is a third system that sets the stage for both frequent colds and symptoms of low blood sugar. This system is frequently overlooked due the general lack of understanding how different body parts affect each other. It happens frequently that weakness of immune system as well as problems with sugar regulation are related to adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue affects immune system, blood pressure and blood sugar

Adrenals are organs that have multi-function effect on the body including production of immune boosting hormones, blood sugar regulators and blood pressure switches. Adrenal malfunction can have wide-reaching effects on seemingly unrelated systems.

Immune system

Over- or underperforming adrenals can temporarily or permanently cause signs of weak immune system such as frequent colds, recurrent infections, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.

Cardiovascular system

Malfunctioning adrenals can change your body temperature, so you can feel chilled or hot even if you don`t think you should. They can rapidly change the blood flow in your vessels causing fluctuating blood pressure, high pressure spikes, or constant low blood pressure.

Hormonal system

Overburdened adrenals can cause actual hypoglycemia symptoms and also mimic low blood sugar symptoms without actual drops in glucose.

How to stop frequent colds and low blood sugar symptoms

Are you a bit dizzy when getting up quickly from stooping, sitting or lying down? If you are then you should have your adrenals tested. Board-certified naturopaths and naturopathic physicians use specialized tests to check adrenal function through saliva. Be aware that blood and urine tests for adrenals are insufficient to make conclusions about adrenal fatigue, adrenal burnout, and adrenal exhaustion. They are only helpful in detecting adrenal collapse called Addison’s disease.

Adrenal fatigue – restoration plan

Adrenals thrive on specific foods and they respond very well to dietary changes. Instead of elaborate supplement schedule start with adding some adrenal-friendly foods to your menu. Use the link below to guide you through the adrenal restorative steps that can also erase low blood sugar symptoms.

If at any point of time you feel the need to also boost immune system there are simple methods that can be used. Simply combine foods that boost immune system with the diet for adrenal fatigue to get a multiplying effect. Your nose, sinuses, immune system and digestion will thank you for it.

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune system

Most people run for decongestants to ease their colds and run to bakeries to ease the burden of low blood sugar. The only problem is that neither of these two approaches reduces frequency of infections or hypoglycemia symptoms. They only provide a temporary comfort while the virus continues to party and the enlarging waist continues to be an undeniable proof of upset sugar balance.

How you treat your symptoms will have a profound effect on your continued health and well being. Frequent colds and low blood sugar symptoms may not be two separate problems, but two different manifestations of ongoing stress and resulting adrenal fatigue.

To stop the annoying sniffles and get your health back for good follow the steps outlined in “Ousting Sniffles“.

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