Here is Uthing Awareness Result interpretation: 

A: >19;

Excellent Awareness!
You are a truly a rare find as you are fully immune to misinformation and health propaganda. Congratulations and keep it up! Please share your knowledge with others, or help them our way.

B: 15-19

Good Awareness
You are getting good at health. Continue and don’t give up your opinions. Be the example and the inspiration for others, so they can model themselves on you. If in doubt, you can always fall back on us.

C: 8-14

Average Awareness
There is more to health than you can see. Look beyond the first page on google, product front label, or standard media messages. Time to get more curious and look into sources you have been avoiding so far.

D: 4-7

Poor Awareness 
Health fads have taken a hold of you in a bad way. Now you need to put a strong emphasis into health re-education or your health will suffer. Don’t just rely on popular opinion. Popular does not mean true or valuable. Reassess where you are vs where you want to be health-wise. It’s never too late to change. 

E: <3

Very Poor Awareness
Ayay! Good health is not a coincidence. Urgently put aside some time for researching basic health topics. Start asking questions. Or better, start making friends that have a different opinion on health topics. You may find surprises in new conversations. 

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