Bloating gas and inflammatory food

Bloating gas and inflammatory foods

Most people do not know and neither care to know what’s in their intestines. That’s a doctor’s job.

To a vast majority of us the word “intestines” is limited to two images: food and poop and that’s enough. But, what you may not know can make or break your health, because..

Without nutrients the body cannot work

Intestines is an ultimate field of food breakdown and absorption and because of this important function the health of the intestines decide on the health of the entire body. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that if food does not break down well then the absorption is poor and that means there will be fewer nutrients and more waste.

The body runs on nutrients. They are essential for your memory, your bones, your heart, and your energy. If you want to stay in peak health you should be interested in your nutrient absorption.

Bloating may mean poor absorption

The intestines are lined with tiny enzymes. These enzymes are so delicate that they have to be protected with a carpet of intestinal microbes. Any breach of this shield will compromise the function of the enzymes, and cause problems with food digestion and absorption. If you see any undigested pieces of carrots, lettuce, or apples in your poop that means your body does not break the food down well. There is a reason for this malfunction and you may want to investigate the causes, especially when your stomach keeps bloating.



Stomach bloat can come from microbes

When enzymes are broken off, only partially working, or are completely blocked your body will feel it. Your intestines will signal it with gas and bloating. As undigested food remains in the intestines, instead of being properly broken down and be absorbed, now it serves somebody else. This undigested food is now eaten by inhabitants of your intestines such as yeast (Candida), and some bacteria.

Helping hungry animals is usually a good deed, but in this case it can turn against you. As the microbes devour the remnants of your dinner they “burp” a large quantity of gas. If you are imagining a grossly obese bacteria drooling with food and belching from overeating this is not really what happens. What happens is microbial fermentation which produces a lot of gas. And this gas is what makes your stomach bloat.

Why intestinal enzymes aren`t working?

Well, sometimes it is genetic. For example, lot of adults will bloat with dairy, because they lose the ability to break down lactose. However, in a vast majority of cases genetics has nothing to do with the damaged enzymes and stomach bloating.

The bloat is the result of the damage done by eating inflammatory foods, junk diet, experiencing chronic stress, using prescription drugs, having gone through food poisoning, and a few other factors. Wrong foods can present a real hazard for intestinal enzymes. The only way to repair them is to clean up the diet from junk (processed foods), remove inflammatory foods and repopulate intestines with good bacteria.

To discover which foods cause inflammation in your case use the following food testing kit.


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