symptoms of prediabetes

Body signs and symptoms of prediabetes

Statistically you have nine in ten chances to be in a prediabetic state, but only one in twenty chances of being aware of it. That’s because prediabetic symptoms are vastly hidden from the view.

Although blood work can surely tell if you have diabetes, it is not the same for prediabetes. Current lab tests are not set to pick up early prediabetic phase, only the very late ones, so many prediabetics are not told about their condition.

That leaves you on your own to watch out for symptoms of prediabetes, hypoglycemia symptoms, and signs of insulin resistance. Thankfully many of those you can discover by yourself, just by paying attention to your body.

Distinguish symptoms of prediabetes from hypoglycemia symptoms

Symptoms of prediabetes can vary and you need to know that hypoglycemia symptoms are common during the prediabetes stage.

Hypoglycemia symptoms can vary from irritability to insomnia and can mimic many other health problems like migraines or ADHD. You can learn how to spot hidden symptoms of hypoglycemia in the following articles:

The chart below lists little-known hypoglycemia symptoms. Download it and post it on your fridge to have a quick reference.  


If you find yourself having hypoglycemia symptoms your first steps should be dietary changes, because what you put on your plate would make or break your health future. The links below will give you guidance on what to do.

Test for diabetes and prediabetes

You may also take matters in your own hands by learning how to interpret your blood work as related to blood sugar. There is one underused blood test that any doctor can order for you. This test is easy to read and can tell if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

How to test for prediabetes

Be aware that the fasting sugar test is usually insufficiently interpreted and may be misleading. You cannot rely on it alone to tell if you are prediabetic. Unfortunately inadequate testing and understanding of prediabetes leads to many unnecessary prescriptions. It is not uncommon to see a prescription for anxiety and depression, while one needs to be treated for symptoms of pre-diabetes.

Warning symptoms of pre-diabetes

From feelings of low satiety to skin growths, body language is full of information about sugar physiology. The very first signs of changes to glucose metabolism may be changes in appetite and body size. This first stage is usually marked with intermittent hypoglycemia symptoms:

how to spot symptoms of low blood sugar

How to tell if you have diabetes?

For an undisputed diagnosis of diabetes you will have to perform a set of specific blood tests. However, if you are afraid of doctors and needles you could tell whether you are at a higher risk for this disease just by looking at your body. Observe yourself and check the following signs. They are related to insulin resistance.

Hair loss

Did you know that hair loss is frequently a sign of insulin resistance? Studies confirmed that male pattern baldness both in women and men is highly correlated with sugar imbalance.If you want your hair back you would need to first restore insulin sensitivity of your cells which means reverse diabetes or prediabetes.

Skin tags

Has your neck been growing skin tags in recent years? Skin tags around the neck are another body sign correlated with symptoms of pre-diabetes. Skin tags have significant correlation with HOMA-IR index, a new and highly sensitive test for insulin resistance.

Since first skin tags may appear years before you can detect sugar imbalance in the blood, you should treat skin tags as an important sign of insulin resistance and symptoms of pre-diabetes regardless of what your blood work tells you.

Do not blindly run to a dermatologist or a cosmetic salon, as removing skin tags would not improve glucose balance.

Pant sizes getting larger

What about your waist size? Waist to hip ratio is a major indicator of well-being. Increased waist in relationship to hip is correlated with worsening of health.

Larger waist is associated with inflammation and insulin resistance as well a host of other health predicaments including infertility and heart disease. Here are my few cents about ever growing stomach fat:


Hypoglycemia symptoms and symptoms of prediabetes are so common among us that we are no longer conscious of them. We see them daily yet do not recognize them as warning signs of compromised health. A large proportion of our friends and co-workers have large bellies, skin tags and hair loss.  They may be already in prediabetic phase or are likely heading towards it. Did you know that 30% of people with pre-diabetes will develop diabetes within five years if not properly diagnosed? Share this knowledge with them. Proper recognition of symptoms of prediabetes can do wonders for health!


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