Bon Echo to Ottawa – 6-day itinerary

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Our 6-day ITINERARY (Ontario +Quebec, Canada)

Day 1: Bon Echo Provincial Park, camping setup

Day 2: Bon Echo Provincial Park, stairway hiking, ferry ride

Day 3: Chutes Coulonge Park, canyon zip lining, canyon cliff hanging,

Day 4: Ottawa River, Owl white water rafting and rescue

Day 5: Ladysmith, Pure Life Adventures navigation course

Day 6: Ottawa, Lady Dive sightseeing on land and water

CAMPGROUNDS we visited

Bon Echo Provincial Park; Our rating *****

$48.31 (tax incl). This was one of the better campgrounds we ever visited. Large private sites, dry ground, working electrical hookup , water tap near-by, clean bathrooms with working faucets were very welcomed features. The only annoying factor was head to bathroom ratio. There were simply way too many people and we encountered some line ups to use the facility.

Bona Vista Campground; Cobden; Our rating *****

$37.29 (tax incl). Best privately run campground yet. Great facilities: including large play area, swimming pool, private beach and a boat dock. Electrical hookup and running water available on each and every one site. Nice tent sites on grass, not dirt. Daily events: bingo, horseshoe competition, movies, and others. Clean bathrooms and very well behaved visitors. There were not too many people using public bathrooms and showers as this was predominantly RV campground. I only wish bathroom and shower facilities are a bit more modern.



Where: Bon Echo Provincial Park, Cliff Top Trail

Health Level: Level C and above

This is a steep trail with thousands of stairs. Unconditioned C will have a challenge, while D may find staircases too much to handle. Good knees are a must so is a relatively non-compromised cardiovascular system.  If you have problems with either choose a different trail in Bon Echo. Creek trail is an easy one.


Where: Chutes Coulonge Park, canyon zip lines

Health Level: Level D and above

Zip lining does not require much physical stamina, muscle strength, agility, flexibility, not even an iota of balance. However, you should know that these two particular zip lines are suspended on a substantial height: 300 and 850 feet above a fast running river. If you have trouble going up the ladder canyon zip lines may spell a real challenge for you. If you are prone to panic… consider a different activity

Zip lining UthingCLIFF HANGING

Where: Chutes Coulonge Park, Via Ferrata

Health Level: Level B and above

This is where your joints and your mental preparedness are going to be tested to the limits. Do not attempt cliff climbing if any of your joints are even partially non-functional. You need maximum shoulder reach, flexible ankles, and non-complaining hips. Do not worry about stamina, you will be propelled by pure adrenaline. This activity will be difficult for people with excess weight, poor musculature, limited flexibility, balance problems, and those with fear of heights..  Level B will love this challenge, but level C will need a super strong will power to get to the end without a need to be rescued.


Where: Ottawa River, Forresters Falls

Health Level: Level C and above

If you can swim that would help. However, the most important health feature for white water rafting is an ability to stay without food for several hours. Factor in your diabetic or hypoglycemic needs if you have sugar problems. Smokers will have to butt out for something like six hours straight. Those with incontinence will have a hard time “holding it in”. If you have sun sensitivity consider the fact you will be in sun for many hours, unless it is rainy and cold. In the later case you need to assess your immune system capabilities.


Where: Pure Life Adventures, Ladysmith

Health Level: Level D and above

Definitively a non-strenuous activity, which requires only an average comprehension and an average attention holding ability.


Where: Lady Dive, Ottawa

Health Level: Level E and above

As long as your eyes can see you will be enjoying this ride otherwise sightseeing does not have any additional health prerequisites. Do not expect to get sea sick either. Lady Dive does not rock side to side.

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