Bon Echo to Ottawa – Part 1

We are off again for another camping trip and another Uthing adventure. Today’s destination is Bon Echo Provincial Park. From there we will head towards Ottawa Valley for some extra physical action.

Uneventful driving

Our dive to Bon Echo was much friendlier than our Killbear experience a month ago. No rain, in fact great temperature and blue sky. That helped. Our arrival was uneventful although we lost our Wi-Fi, G3, and GPS signal about 20 km away from the destination.

Signal interruptions frequent and annoying

I wished I remembered to download off-line maps or at least have an old-fashioned paper map of the area at hand. This as a clue.

We have learnt that there is a real and frequent possibility of having no internet connection despite top notch equipment.  Be prepared. Things on the road are different then they are in a cozy city.

Sorry, no fire

Bon Echo campground was really nice and civilized: warm water, clean functioning toilets, double showers, large camp sites, good registration, quiet campers, and easy electricity hookup. I started to wonder that provincial parks really have it all together in comparison to private campgrounds we visited along our trips so far.

The only thing that did not work is firewood. It just did not want to burn, it was just too green. Andi was upset with a hissing faint flame which tried to extinguish itself every 15 seconds. Even our healthy highly-inflatable lungs were not enough to keep the flame going. We gave up after an hour or so.

Synchronizing body flops a must

I love exploring natural surroundings, I love camping. Camping brings people really close to nature. Sleeping among trees? Fantastic!

Unfortunately, the first night reminded me that there are also several downsides to tenting. I like sprawling out during the night having my left leg far away from my right leg. That wasn’t possible in our mini tent. Besides, Andi did not mind taking over my mattress. This further restricted my comfort. I figured the best way was to work with what I had, so I synchronized my turns to his nightly flops. He turned to the right… I turned to the right. He turned to left.. I did the same. This way I could at least bend my knees and fit those behind his. Otherwise we risked a bum fight over precious mattress space.

Finally after a few shifts, turns, twists, and curses I fell asleep. Tomorrow we will spend a full day in Bon Echo exploring its magic and then we will head towards Ottawa Valley for some unforgettable times.

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The 4-hour ride (due to Oshawa traffic) was pleasantly blue
This is Bon Echo internal road: right through a mature forest
Our camp site was spacious and well hidden among trees
This is our 3-minute miracle. Wonderful to set up, but sh… to sleep in
Our car mess: gadgets, water, maps, etc.
Killbear Warsaw Caves Uthing
Lots of smoke, little fire.

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