Bon Echo to Ottawa – part 5

Today was a morning of dramatic DOMS. DOMS? What is that?

DOMS are not Gothic cathedrals in Germany, but “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”, a medical terminology assigned to muscular ache due to heavy exercise.

DOMS – recent kinestetic memories

My DOMS was due to my fearful muscle shaking, grabbing and clutching while climbing cliffs two days ago and then paddling madly to save my butt through the rough currents of the Ottawa River just yesterday.

DOMS, camping, and cold complement each other very well. Today it meant… there was no way to crawl out of our puny tent, because none of the four previously fully mobile extremities wanted to bend ever so slightly.

Luckily we booked a non-physically strenuous navigation course on the Quebec site for today. However we still needed to leave the campsite at 7:30am, in the middle of the stiffening cold. We needed to be in Ladysmith at 9am and sore or not, it was time to go. This time we downloaded an off-line map thinking that there will likely be a slim chance for any 3G signal. It helped.

Three Ray`s Norths

Ray from Pure Life Adventures greeted us with his black hairy dog, Lucky. They were both well behaved. This was a full day five-participant course and it was all about maps and navigation with a compass. Did you know that there are three Norths? There is a true North, grid North, and magnetic North. Until I met Ray, there was only one North. He complicated my life.

Since we are planning to go more isolated and adventurous places, learning navigation without using GPS was compulsory for us. We spent some six hours playing with compasses, rulers, maps, markers, and landscapes. We sat by the lake matching the horizon to the map and got lost in the woods on purpose. We chased hidden treasures on bearing 248 and chased out a sleeping buck from the bushes while geocaching the old fashioned non-satellite method.

Unhealthy is costly

We met fascinating like-minded people who were into human and environmental health alike. I wish more people to be this way. We believe that health should not be just our choice. It should be our responsibility, because people who choose unhealthy lifestyle damage everyone around, not only themselves.

Unhealthy lifestyle is very costly. It costs the unhealthy individual himself, his family, his community, remaining productive taxpayers, wildlife, the environment, and eventually the whole planet. Unhealthy lifestyle causes major changes to land quality, food quality, wildlife abundance, and purity of the environment and, whether you like it or not, we are all co-dependent.

Vote with your dollar wisely

Pesticides, low-nutrient soils, sick farm animals, prescription drugs in waterways, and genetically modified crops are not any health-makers. That’s obvious to everyone, but what’s not obvious is that your dollars have major and global decision making powers. Your shopping choices can make or break your and your planet’s health.

Are you buying “fiber-rich” cereals for health reasons, but at the same time are supporting GMO with your money? Are you promoting wildlife destruction by opting to buy cheaper pesticide-sprayed produce to save yourself a dollar? Are you polluting waterways with prescription drug metabolites because you are not ready to make necessary lifestyle changes that would improve your health?

On a path to good health, without fads

Good health does not start by switching from fried to baked chips, or reaching for juice instead of soda, but with acute awareness of your actions and their consequences on others. It is time to make everyone’s health everyone’s business, because it is the only thing that makes sense.

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Pure Life Adventures setting: very serene
Laminated maps stayed with us for the next six hours
Hands-on map work
Maneuvering between lakes, hills, canyons, and cliffs.
Time for a field work: applying map skills to real life.

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