Bon Echo to Ottawa – part 6

The first peek outside the tent announced that the weather would be exceptionally good: dry, warm, and sunny, the opposite to what we experienced over the entire long weekend. Too bad our adventure is about to be over.

We need to pack up right after eating our last “heart attack” meal camping style, bacon and egg yolks breakfast. Am I doing something wrong? Should I not be already decaying in grave from all that saturated fat that I have been eating for years?

My Dumb Bacon Heart

I guess my heart must be exceptionally dumb. My heart should be, according to popular medical wisdom, putting all the saturated fat into my arteries and clogging them up, but instead it is using all that “bad fat” for energy somehow.

Stupid heart! I should be short of breath while waking upstairs after all I am approaching my half-century mark, but instead I go cliff climbing, horseback riding, and white water “roughing”. Enough is enough!

Where is the predicted North American statistical average of old age sickness and frailty? Something must be wrong with my lifestyle as this getting-sicker-with-age truth does not apply to my bacon grease laden system.

A Bus called Lady Dive

An hour and a half after the last tent stake was put in the bag we arrived in Ottawa. We only had two hours to play with, so I decided on a one hour-long sight-seeing tour with Lady Dive.

Lady Dive is a hybrid vehicle, part bus and part boat. We got inside. First we got a guided tour of the more noteworthy streets in Ottawa and Gatineau just as any normal bus, but then suddenly we dipped into the Ottawa River and voila now it’s a boat.

Sitting and doing nothing while being driven around is not our most favorite past time, but the hour went by rather fast as we got to see the charming and artsy site of Ottawa. See the photos.

Sugar excuses

Etobicoke is about a four hour drive from Ottawa when not completely sticking to the indicated speed-limit. After the first two hours of a boring drive we stopped in Kingston for a nice large-size cappuccino. Marshmallow square, a lemon scone, and an oatmeal raisin cookie also somehow ended up on our bill.

Yes I know … high sugar, low nutrients, GMO, diabetes, and the entire sequel… but I have a perfectly acceptable reason: we were hungry and we were running out of time. If we did not make it to Toronto by four pm we would be stuck in rush hour traffic till the next morning.

“Weighing” pros and cons of both options we preferred temporary weight gain over intense traffic frustration. We made it home on time, without any dramatic traffic hick ups. Oh, it’s good to be back!

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Lining up for tickets. Either now or never:they debated for a while if we could still fit in
The land portion of Ottawa
The water portion of Ottawa
Andi could not believe that the bus coud float. He leaned outside to check
One of the very many artsy street plug-ins
Ottawa museum of civilization.
Yep, we saw that too. These guys were marching right in front of us while boarding onto Lady Dive

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