boost immune system with detox

Boost low immune system with detox

If chronic sniffling and falling victim to flus and colds annoy you and fear of getting cancer keeps you awake at night it is time to think how to boost low immune system.

But are your body defenses really low? Are there any ways to tell? There are and you don’t needs a fancy laboratory requisitions for that:

Better to boost immune system than..

Did you notice that when you are sick your body changes? Besides not feeling well and maybe running a fever you also have some highly unpleasant, and likely embarrassing, things coming out your body:

  • gunk from the nose,
  • mucus from the lungs,
  • thick coat on your tongue, or maybe even
  • drenching sweat.

For sure none of this is appealing. Who needs that?

It is true that these discharges can make you look socially unappealing. Nobody wants to see your snort or fall victim to an explosion of sneeze droplets.

Suppress or boost immune system?

So what do you do? At that moment you really do not think how to boost low immune system, but how to get rid of the symptoms. All you want is to SUPPRESS!

Driven by fear of rejection and prediction of bad looks from your boss you do whatever it takes to remove social roadblocks and productivity stoppers. You reach for fever suppressants like NyQuil, anti-inflammatories like Advil, and anti-cough medication like Benylin. But..

You can’t boost immune system with these!

You cannot even make any sufficient progress with your flu or cold with the above methods. Studies suggest that symptomatic treatment may even be counterproductive and prolong the sickness.

The only thing that you get from such treatment is a temporary reduction of symptoms. Nothing else. If you are hoping that lack of symptoms is a sign of strong body defenses, you have been misled. If you think no cough means winning the war with the virus you are as far from the truth as the Sun is from the Moon.

Remember, symptomatic treatments strengthen defenses, prevent further infections, or shorten sickness.

How to improve body defenses naturally

Have you ever had food poisoning? Sure you did. Do you remember those imminent bathroom runs? They were annoying, but necessary. With every bout of that tantalizing cramp you evacuated millions or billions of poisonous bacteria. That’s good.

Can you think what would happen to you if your body decided not to bless you with that smelly poo? How would you dispose of the unwanted bacteria? You wouldn’t. You would have to keep it inside to your detriment. Maybe these spastic runs were irritating, but the consequence of not having them would have turned out to be even worse for you.

Flus and colds are no different. With every cough, sneeze, and snort you dispose of tons of germs. If you think life without sneezing, coughing, or boogers is better, then you need to figure out a different way of disposing unwanted germs fast!

How to strengthen immunity and boost your body without artificial means?  Rule number one: let the body detoxify and DO NOT suppress discharges!

How to boost immune system long-term?

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemBut let’s say you are sick frequently. How do you strengthen body defenses long term? You will find a step-by-step answer in a great read “Ousting Sniffles“. In the meantime here are two ways to boost immune system long term:

Boost immune system with foods:

Below is a download with foods that boost the body defenses. Download it and post it on your fridge door. It will be your constant reminder on how to keep your body in peak condition.


Boost immune system with exercise:

Infections are certainly no fun, but rather than suppressing, invest in methods that boost your immune system and it will pay off in dividends throughout your life.


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