Can minimalist lifestyle promote good health

Can minimalist lifestyle promote good health?

Not many would have the courage to consider a minimalist lifestyle, especially when the change involves giving up great perks.

Would you, in the mids of your career, suddenly get the urge to let go of a good salary, great city conveniences, and the safety of the neighborhood?

Would you  buy an old Stepvan, convert it into a living quarters hoping to infect others with the same idea of living a minimalist lifestyle, or at least becoming more planet conscious?

Getting intimate, an eye opener

There are many  privileges to being a doctor. One of them is getting to know people on a very deep level. Behind closed doors patients open up and let all their secrets out.

Between a fungus on the big toe and stinky farts in the bathroom, they throw in some details that no other ears would be privileged to hear. They reveal untold secrets, deep desires, morbid fears and wild dreams.

Those stories are fascinating, as they reveal an incredibly strong link between human emotions and physical symptoms. The most convoluted and emotionally-loaded stories belong to the most symptom- and disease-riddled individuals. Simple stories aren’t linked to much physiological drama. “Simple” is easy to understand, organize and manage.

Health is not a pill, it’s a skill

Emotions produce symptoms and emotional turmoil drive diseases into existence. Simplifying and letting go is the best cure for the mind as well as the body. Minimalist lifestyle can be highly curative.

Freedom from clutter (also emotional), stress-free living, harmonious co-existence with others, and close connection with nature is the environment humans thrive in. This is what minimalist lifestyle (at least our van life experience) offers and this is what great health can be build on. 

Food for Thought
Health is a skill, not a pill. Simplifying one’s life, forgiving, and letting go may do more to health than a line up of doctors with their magic pills.

Putting the minimalist lifestyle to test

We decided to switch suddenly from a large city lifestyle to minimalist lifestyle. Was it easy? Not at all! But we made it into a mission to help others understand this healthy philosophy and how it can benefit everyone (except for consumerism-dependent corporations or perpetual revenue-dependent government) as well as the planet.

Here are our minimalist lifestyle struggles and stories

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