making chocolate sauce for pool party

Easy chocolate dip and a pool party in one

I haven’t been at a swim party for a while, so it is time. Today is the day. Although it may be too cold to get a dip in a swimming pool, it is never too cold to have a bite at a potluck. 

Everybody is bringing something to share with others. I am as well. The food list says, there is going to be a lot of fruit, so I’m thinking…  watermelon, cherries, and strawberries go very well with chocolate. Why not upgrade the fruit trays with a chocolate sauce to die for. 

The sauce takes one minute to make. Just put the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together. The key to chocolate perfection is to measure the ingredients accurately. Don’t get sloppy. When it comes to chocolate (and other things), it’s the attitude that counts. 

You won’t get fat from chocolate!

Food for Thought
I hope you don’t think that chocolate will make you fat. Real chocolate won’t, but chocolate products like of a KitKat, Twix, or Hershey’s cookies can (and likely will).

Don’t mix these up.

Don’t mix up unprocessed with processed and healthy with unhealthy. 

Fallen for health myths?

Don’t fall for the myth that healthy is blah, healthy is boring. With the right recipe you can be in top shape while your tongue gets 5-star treatment. Don’t believe me? Just skim through the list below. 

I copied those from the Velvet Cherriot page of 69 Pleasures, a cookbook that brings joy and health on the same plate. 

Oh, I nearly forgot, here are the ingredients. It does contain sugar, so use it as a dip, not as a main meal, although I caught myself doing so before…

How much do you know about Health?