Exercise better than juicing

Detox? Exercise instead of juicing!

If you are still on the hunt for the best juice detox recipe you are looking in the wrong direction. Juicing is NOT the best way to detoxify.

The most powerful method of detoxification does not sit on a produce isle, but sits inside you and it is called exercise.

Yes, juicing is simpler, tastier, and more appealing, but if you are interested more in health then fads, you must acknowledge that benefits of juicing do not even come close to the benefits of exercise. If you truly want to detoxify, do not fool yourself:

Juicing will never replace exercise,

or a proper diet, neither will it cure you from any ailment unless you embrace your entire lifestyle.

Myths about juicing corrected

  1. Juicing does not eliminate junk from your meals. Just because you drink a glass of fruits or vegetables doesn’t mean you are not going to indulge in potato chips later.
  2. Juicing eliminates fiber and increases glycemic load which worsens inflammation. Fruit juices are a major contributor to fatty livers, hypoglycemia and sugar problems which can lead to inflammation and degeneration of health. Green vegetables may cause immediate hypoglycemia and non-green vegetables such as carrots may upset your sugar balance. Unless you have a major absorption problem you are better off eating whole fruits and vegetables then juicing them.
  3. Juicing does not teach you how to improve your meals. Juicing does not mean you are free to skip vegetables for the rest of the day or to have supper at McDonalds. Juicing does not teach you how to make better food choices, except for that particular drink. It ties you up to your juicer, because this type of “detoxification” is not natural and portable. It is like saying you cannot commute to work unless you own a private jet. What? You cannot detoxify unless you juice?
  4. Juicing does nothing but replace some fruit and vegetable servings. If you do not eat fruits and vegetables don’t you think you should correct your poor habits first before investing in a juicer?
  5. Juicing is not natural. Fruits and vegetables do not grow juiced on trees, nor do juices flow in rivers. Juicing is not necessary for good health. It simply is a modern man-made invention.

I’ve tried juicing in the past, but only found my health getting worse. I put on weight and became pre-diabetic, my body just could not handle the increased glycemic load. The human body has an elaborate natural detoxification system that works 24/7 and juicing is not the proper or natural way to support it.

Focusing on keeping these systems working well is important and exercise is the most basic and natural support. Exercise equals activity and to be active has been of vital importance throughout our existence. Just consider the level of physical activity required while hunting and gathering food or in slightly more modern times performing simple farming chores without the aid of engine-powered machinery.

Why juicing alone does not do justice to detox

  1. Exercise improves circulation which increases toxin elimination. Toxin flushing starts when your blood infiltrates the tissue. Exercise dramatically improves microcirculation, which in turn allows for greater exchange of all substances, which means nutrients in and toxins out. Juicing DOES NOT.
  2. Exercise energizes your lymphatic fluid which is a toxin carrier. The lymph is part of the immune system that carries white blood cells. White blood cells break down microbes, germs, and unwanted substances to flushable masses. However, the lymph is not propelled by the heart, but instead by skeletal muscles and especially the calves. Exercise prevents lymphatic congestion and toxin accumulation in this system. Juicing DOES NOT.
  3. Exercise boosts metabolism and speeds up toxin removal from cells. Exercise not only helps remove toxins from lymph and blood, but from all cells, as energy production, fluid flow and membrane potential shifts in the entire body. Again these changes are not only in the skin and muscles, nor only during the performed exercise. Lab tests on liver enzymes show changes up to seven days after a conclusion of a weight lifting routine. Juicing DOES NOT.
  4. Exercise increases pressure on your detoxification organs which improve their performance. Bowels, liver, bladder, and kidneys are stimulated and it is not uncommon to have a large bowel movement after an exercise session.  Juicing DOES NOT.
  5. Exercise increases removal of carbon dioxide and brings in oxygen. Carbon dioxide is an acid by-product of metabolism and if accumulated causes acidosis. Heavy breathing removes excess acid and increases energy production through the increased level of oxygen. Juicing DOES NOT.
  6. Exercise opens additional routes of detoxification. Heavy exercise promotes sweating. The skin is considered a third kidney and a very important detoxification organ. Sweating activates this “third kidney” for heavy detox. Juicing DOES NOT.
  7. Exercise regulates hormones so there are fewer toxic by-products left behind from poor hormonal performance. Exercise has been shown to regulate insulin production, improve sugar balance, correct inflammatory mediators, and induce repair through growth hormone. Juicing DOES NOT.
  8. Exercise is the natural way to detoxify, so intended by nature. Our body requires regular physical activity with intent and intensity for good health. People who do not exercise cannot achieve full health.

Remember, if you want to keep your body well and in peak condition, juicing alone DOES NOT DO IT. Spare yourself disappointment. When your health does not improve with the hottest detox recipe at least now you know why.


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