Diabetic myths explained P2

Diabetic Myths Explained – Part 2

There are at least 13 common myths that keep on confusing diabetics as well as their health care providers. Part 1 of Diabetic Myths Explained focuses on seven of them:

  • genetic influence,
  • type 2 reversal possibility,
  • pancreatic failure,
  • insulin insufficiency,
  • diagnosis and prognosis,
  • recommended diet, and
  • the obsession with blood sugar number.

You will find a link to Part 1 here.

Part 2 of Diabetic Myths deals with six additional myths, which includes

  • the effects of eating sugar,
  • dietary focus on good carbs,
  • the road to type 2 reversal,
  • heart disease treatment,
  • the role of medication, and
  • the cost of treatment.

Regardless whether you have been diagnosed with type 2, pre-diabetes, or you are just overweight, please make sure you can distinguish between type 2 myths and facts. It’s for your own benefit.