diet for adrenal fatigue that works

Diet for adrenal fatigue that works – part 1

What is the best diet for adrenal fatigue? If not a donut then what?

Spare yourself time, money and hardship. Adrenal fatigue will not be remedied by donuts with coffee, Red Bull or any other trendy energy drink, but by a systematic approach that strengthens the entire hormonal axis.

Unfortunately a lot of people repeat several cardinal dietary mistakes while trying to reduce fatigue and boosting homones. Due to a wrong approach, instead of getting fewer allergies, better blood sugar number, and boost in blood pressure you end up living a perpetual nightmare.

Signs of adrenal fatigue

Food sensitivities, low blood pressure and low immune system can all be the end effect of the hormonal insufficiency. A proper diet for adrenal fatigue can help all of these.

Unfortunately many victims end up with an inexperienced practitioner that will be treating the body for multiple separate disorders including allergies, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, viruses, vitamin deficiencies, and eventually hypochondriasis.

If you already have a stack of pills, whether vitamins or drugs, in your cupboard it is time to rethink their necessity. First, get yourself familiar with specific symptoms of adrenal fatigue that relate to other body systems:

The next step is to learn about the most effective diet and specific foods for adrenal fatigue.

Worst foods for adrenal fatigue

  • 69 Pleasures kindle coverSugars and high glycemic index foods. Adrenal fatigue leads to or coexists with low blood sugar and hypoglycemia. Any food that causes blood sugar spikes and consequently dips will contribute to hypoglycemic events and adrenal stress. Watch out for breads, jams, candies, fruit juices, sweet smoothies, pop, and any bakery items. These can make you feel exhausted.
  • Gluten; people afflicted by fatigue usually have environmental sensitivities and food allergies, many of which can be hidden. Gluten is one of the most allergenic substances and chances are if you have any food allergies gluten is likely part of them. Even if you are not sure about your gluten sensitivity, it is a good idea to cut out wheat as the first step towards improving your adrenal diet.
  • Food allergies. Do not rely on digestive symptoms or skin scratch test. Delayed food allergies will not make your throat swell, cause belly cramping and diarrhea. Delayed food allergies are hidden and unpredictable. You may eat something on Monday and have joint pain on Wednesday yet you would never suspect that your diet has anything to do with your arthritis. Taking the test is easy. Knowing hidden food allergies can speed up your recovery and prevent energy crashes.
  • Junk food. Adrenals need lots of nutrients. Number one nutrient that is necessary for their function is Vitamin C. Adrenals rely on it. Since we do not make vitamin C it needs to come for the diet. What food is the lowest in Vitamin C? Junk food! So chips, French fries and pop, despite taste allure, is not an ideal diet for adrenal fatigue. Non-GMO vitamin C
  • Low fat menu. Low fat meals should not be part of adrenal diet. Healthy adrenals make lots of hormones. Progesterone, aldosterone and cortisol are made of cholesterol[i]. They decide on inflammation, sexuality, and water balance. Low fat diets do not carry cholesterol and are therefore not adrenal-supportive. They are adrenal-exhaustive. However, do not jump into high-fat diet as yet. Not all fat is good. Not all fat is useful for adrenals. An effective diet for adrenal fatigue requires specific types of fats and a specific combination of macronutrients, which is addressed in this post: Diet for adrenal fatigue that works -part 2.

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