Off we go! Uthing 2020

Do we see you this winter?

Where are you? Oregon, California, Saskatchewan, or Arizona? Not there, but somewhere in between? Great! Let’s get together!

Sorry, we don’t deliver parcels

We finally got down to preparing our rough itinerary for the winter and we are hoping to see you on our way. We are travelling in a converted step van, an old FedEx truck that used to carry parcels. But don’t expect other deliveries besides the message of perpetual youthfulness. That one we carry with us everywhere.

Our adventure vehicle is fully self-contained. It is a truly comfortable travel marvel, painstakingly put together by Andi, the aluminum whisperer.

We have no need for hookups, water, heat, or toilet. But if you have a parking spot we can stay overnight to carry on with a great chat. Bummer for some of you: we aren’t into wild parties. We don’t smoke or do drugs. We are just looking for a thought-provoking info exchange.

This is our planned route:

Our Winter Uthing itineraryIn the moth of November we will be travelling to BC via 3 Canadian provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

From the end of November to the end of January we will be travelling south via 4 states: Washington, Oregon and California, to Arizona.

If you are somewhere near-by message us. Instagram is best.


See us on the RTR 2020 video

We are planning to meet as many of you as possible:

  • people of skills,
  • nutritional nuts,
  • fitness fanatics,
  • nature lovers,
  • health care passionates,
  • libertarians,
  • youtubers,
  • the wise,
  • the minimalists,
  • eco-inventors,
  • planet defenders
  • perpetual travellers,
  • digital nomads,
  • off the grid folks,
  • self-sustainable farmers, and
  • anyone who is interested in creating better self and better world.

We want to learn as well as share our smarts. We offer to share our 20 years experience in health care, self-care, and perpetual youthfulness. We don’t have a hidden agenda or sales pitches. We aren’t selling (neither buying) supplements, diet regiments, herbs, essential oils, weight loss programs, or other crutches.

Health is a Skill, not a Pill

We want everyone to benefit from our knowledge, get healthier, and better at self-management. We can help you understand where you stand health-wise and what you need to do to get unstuck.

So, whether you want to lose that last 10 pounds, boost your immune system, gain strength, drop that bloated stomach, or say good bye to high blood pressure or high blood sugar, don’t be afraid to talk to us. Maybe you will get your “aha” moment while at it.

In the meantime, do you and us think alike? Take a test. If yes, great! We are already buddies. If not, let us know why. We like having smart friends.