Double gossip this time around

Last week was a bust as our new internet provider turned out less than satisfactory. During the Canadian portion of our trip we experienced frequent disconnection, re-connection problems, and re-connections that triggered security issues for some of my on-line accounts. That was very frustrating and consequential. We are yet to see how our new connection is performing in USA. We will write a full report in a month or two.

Due to patchy internet I did not post any gossip last week. Hence, double stack today.

A plane adventure South of Calgary. It’s good to have friends that fly.


After three weeks of driving in Canada we finally ended up in British Columbia. It just happened that our friends live in one of the small towns near USA border. We had another day full of great intellectual exchanges.


We expected mountain scenery, but not that much snow. It was like white Christmas near Vancouver.


A gallery of frost followed us on the mountain roads in British Columbia.


Vancouver and another infectious meeting. This time we got together was with my old-time naturopathic classmate. Our memories go back more than 20 years.


Working out while on the road is a must. Otherwise, we can end up with stick legs and achy back and that’s not Uthing.


“Vancouver hills”, a rare moment of sunny skies. It was good to see what’s beyond the road, but the view didn’t last too long.


Leaving Vancouver, a place that will stay in our minds as mostly rainy and mostly gloomy. Nope, we are not moving there.


After being cooped up in a van for a few weeks we were starved for a good hike. So once the weather got a little bit better, off we went. It was still crispy cold, but a 2-hour hike did our legs well.


A random shot from the forest hike. All along the vegetation was very dense, and very mossy. But that’s Washington.


We couldn’t pass this waterfront park in Bellingham. We don’t regret.


While on the road, we made this boondocking video. We made it for aspiring travelers on a budget.


Duke, our Washington friend’s pet, a dog that never gets tired.

It’s the end of November and we are heading South. Our map is here if you want to track our whereabouts.