Whether you want to cook deliciously healthy, discover simple ways to tame your unruly blood pressure, or mend your weak immune system, we have a book for you.

Dorothy Adamiak (DrD) has authored five books that can please any aspiring to self-mastery health nut out there. Enjoy!

69 Pleasures, Your Gourmet Guide to Mouth-Watering Experiences

Looking of super-simple recipes without junk? You found it! 69 delicious soups, mains, salads, and desserts without a hint of artificial ingredients. Fast prep, easy cleanup, low food and energy bill. Start no-junk, no gluten, no grain journey towards better health today with 69 Pleasures.

The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure

Do you know why your blood pressure goes up one minute only to fall to the floor in the next minute or two? Do you know that taking heart medications usually make fluctuating blood pressure worse? Do you know that you can help your situation with simple home solutions? Get ready for better health. Order it now. 

Revived! Proven Natural Solutions for Low Blood Pressure

You don’t have to be stuck with low numbers and fatigue. Low blood pressure has causes. This book explains how to find and eliminate them. No medical degree necessary. Simple language, easy read.. and you will laugh here and there. But low blood pressure isn’t fun. Get rid of it now!

Ousting Sniffles. How to Build an Iron-Strong Immune System

Have you noticed that some of us seldom get sick, while others become virus magnets? But getting good at repelling colds and flus has nothing to do with luck or strong genes. It is all to do with a strong immune system, that you can build. For step by step instructions follow the book. 

The Cholesterol Trap! Re-Evaluating Your Doctor’s Prescription

Still worrying about high cholesterol? Is your doctor threatening you with heart medication? You MUST read the Cholesterol Trap before considering statins. Not only they are risky, but there are better ways of dealing with cholesterol numbers. Investing in this 3-hour eye-opener today. 

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