DrD Tips on how to lose stomach fat

DrD tips on how to lose stomach fat

Stomach fat or large belly is not only unsightly, but also unhealthy. Have you ever wonder why fat is accumulating in your mid-section, not anywhere else?

Studies show that stomach fat is not just a regular type of fat, but the most health damaging type of weight gain one may have. Lose stomach fat and you will gain back your beauty and health at the same time. You’ve heard about apple shape? This expression is nothing else, but a description of excessive belly fat accumulating in a mid-section.

Why do you have stomach fat?

Why and how to lose stomach fat requires a bit more explanation. Apple shape or large stomach is one of the warning signs of blood sugar problems. You do not have to be a diabetic to have bulging belly, but a good look at your blood sugar level would be strongly advised. Belly fat is also strongly inflammatory and heralds onset of modern chronic diseases. That’s why reducing fatty tummy reverses inflammation and diabetic tendencies.

Stomach fat effect can be measured

To measure the size of your health problem related to your  protruding belly you need to have a measuring tape. All you need to do is measure your waist (approx.. 2”above your belly button) and hips in the “fattest” spot. Your waist to hip ratio is your health marker and an indicator whether you really need to lose stomach fat or not. If it is more than 0.8 for women and over 0.9 for men you should think about mid-section trimming. If you find yourself in a need of belly fat reduction follow the steps below.

How to lose stomach fat

Stomach fat is food related, so a good look at your diet is your first defense. Dietary sugars and inflammatory fats are number one culprits. While obvious sugars are easy to spot, hidden sugars are much more difficult to discover.

To simplify the matters you need to know that all grain products will convert to sugars once ingested. If your kitchen cabinet is full of cereals, breads, crackers and chips you have just discovered the main source of your belly fat. Anything that is made of grains and flour will contribute to your growing mid-section and make it more difficult to lose stomach fat.

Drop juicing and salad dressing

How to lose stomach fat even faster? Stop juicing, making smoothies and overeating on fruits. If this statement shocks you then you must read our 6-part juicing series. A wrong way of juicing only contributes to fatty liver and to mid-section obesity.

For even better effect on belly fat you need to eliminate inflammatory fats in your diet. If you think I am talking about animal fats you are wrong. The most inflammatory fats may actually be hidden in your salad dressing.

Vegetable oil, corn oil, sunflower oil as well as many other oils have been shown to be strongly pro-inflammatory. They contribute to overall poor health, as they disrupt cellular signalling, contribute to hormonal deregulation and further promote blood sugar problem.

The best answer to your question on how to lose stomach fat is to be aware of your nutritional habits. Excessive abdominal circumferences nothing else but a signal that something has been going wrong in your diet, but what? Start with keeping a diet journal. That alone has been shown to be an effective weight loss strategy. Remember, unless you change your nutritional habits you will have a really hard time to lose your tummy and keep it off permanently.


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