healthy way to lose weight part three

Effortless and healthy way to lose weight part three

This is part three of healthy way to lose weight. To read part one click here. For part two click here.

Over time I have noticed a pattern with people who have trouble with weight loss. They usually get 4,000-5,000 steps on a good day and about 3,000 on a regular day. Those who have a slim physique tend to hit 10,000-13,000 daily without putting any special attention to walking. It is just part of their normal daily routine.

Stepping up – a healthy way to lose weight

What`s  the secret behind their slimmer body? A quick calculation show why steps and body frame go the opposite direction. 

Each person is slightly different, but in my case each 1,000 steps translate to 50 calories burned. If 1,000 burn 50 calories then 10,000 burn 500. This is a lot. This is an equivalent to five tablespoon of fat. When I do 10,000 this much fat comes effortlessly OFF my butt. Without the steps the fat would stay stuck ON me instead.

An easy way to put on and lose 26 pounds 

So what would happen if I slowed down and instead of 10,000 did only 5,000 steps a day? Would I keep my current weight or see protruding bulges? I did the math. Reducing the steps by 5,000 a day and keeping everything else the same would make me 26 pounds heavier over just one year!

Fortunately, the reverse is true as well. This is how much one can expect to lose while stepping up from daily 5,000 to 10,000. This two-pound loss per month is totally achievable without changing the diet, counting calories, driving to the gym, or taking time for exercise classes. Walking fits in naturally in daily routine and can be done anywhere. That’s without putting out money for exercise equipment, learning additional skill, or keeping a menu log. Besides a stroll in nature or in an mall, stepping can be done while watching TV, reading a newspaper, or thinking.

It`s like brushing your teeth

Focusing on getting daily 10,000 steps is one healthy way to lose weight. It is exactly the daily minimum for a healthy waist. Stepping to keep healthy weight is not unlike brushing teeth to prevent cavities.  It takes time. It takes effort, but once you get a hang of it you will not even think twice about doing it. It will be a normal part of your daily routine. 

And although the initial switch to higher activity may feel effort-full, but rest assured it won’t be forever. It takes about three weeks for the body to adjust. After that period the body will no longer register 10,000 steps as an effort. Once stepping become routine your weight loss becomes effortless, continuous, and automatic. Give it a try. Get yourself a tracker. Aim for 10,000 steps and give it an honest go for solid three weeks. This is how effortless weight loss magic will start happening. Be assured everyone will notice. Not just because you get slimmer hips, but also because you get a glow. That’s what’s going to change when you figure out a healthy way to lose weight.

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