handwriting and hypoglycemia symptoms

Erratic handwriting can precede hypoglycemia symptoms and warn about stress

One seldom thinks about handwriting as a possible health assessment tool, but the truth is that many conditions including hypoglycemia symptoms can be detected by a handwriting change.

Before I became a doctor I was very interested in people and their personalities. I wanted to know if I could expect somebody to be funny or stiff, if somebody would be more into spiritual greatness rather than money, and if someone would be likely to tell the truth.


Handwriting changes with stress

I took a year course of handwriting analysis. I have to say it was incredibly interesting. And although a learned lot of things that now I take with a (large) grain of salt there are some things I cannot deny. One of those things is a change in handwriting when under stress.

If you still use pen and paper, not just fingers on a keyboard you may have noticed that your handwriting is not always the same. Sometimes the letters are neat, straight, and legible, and sometimes they’re like you never took writing in school: irregular, erratic, and barely readable. Why so?

Hypoglycemia symptoms tie to stress

Fine hand motions reflect your nervous system. Calm nervous system keeps hands steady. Stress does the opposite. Within seconds of encountering stress your hands may start trembling and the body shaking. I am sure you noticed that phenomenon yourself. These internal mini-vibrations, although not perceived by outsiders, will be affecting your gross movements, facial expressions, and hand actions.

But stress does not have to come from the boss yelling at you. The body will engage in the same reaction when blood sugar goes below normal and causes hypoglycemia symptoms.

Low blood sugar is a stressor and the nervous system cannot ignore it. With low blood sugar your handwriting will change instantly from neat to erratic and your sentences will now produce a bizarre wavy pattern rather than line up straight like before.

Handwriting can change before hypoglycemia symptoms

69 Pleasures kindle coverNervous system is very sensitive and some people should use that knowledge to their advantage. Since handwriting can change even before hypoglycemia symptoms are evident, handwriting can be used as a “sniffing dog” to warn about an upcoming problem.

Handwriting changes are unfortunately not specific to hypoglycemia symptoms. Changes to letter appearance can occur with any stress, whether physiological or emotional and is not limited to low blood sugar. To know how your handwriting reflects your own state of well-being you need to do a few tests yourself.

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Find your own pattern

Memorize a sentence such as “I love DrDNaturopath.com blog” (lol) or something similar and always have a pen and paper ready. Write this sentence several times a day during different situations: before a meal, after a meal, while at work, when tired, when sleepy, when happy, when relaxed and compare.

Soon it will be quite evident how your nervous system behaves during different times of the day and in different situations. Your handwriting will reflect it. When you are relaxed it will be well-organized and uniform. When you are under stress it will look careless, rushed, and uneven.

Do as many tests as you can to uncover a pattern. Are you stressed during the work hours? Do you have hypoglycemia symptoms before lunch? Do you feel your best in the afternoon? Your discoveries and correlations can go a long way, because knowing your body is the first step in making adjustments to your environment. Maybe you should consider better meal spacing, shifting your exercise routine from morning to pm, or maybe just give it a serious thought about changing a job.

Don’t wait. Stress affects nervous system. Nervous system affects handwriting. Stress is a silent killer. Handwriting exposes stress, regardless whether your boss makes you nervous or you just happen to have hypoglycemia symptoms.


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