Fit tips for women after 40

How to Look Fabulously Fit after 40

Being fit after 40 is never a coincidence. Aging is cruel and fitness beyond 40 is an uphill battle. It’s the joints, the hormones, the skin, the bladder, and million of other old-womanly things that get in the way.

But.. as I’ve proven it to myself, any woman can surprise herself when enough motivation is at stake.

I am not an athlete, or anything close to aspiring to that.

I just want to have a nice looking, functional body that does not disappoint.

The body that does not limp while on-route to work, ache in the morning, pee at night, and the body that cries when getting squeezed in size 8 pants.

When I started I was close to 150 lb. I don’t know how it happened. I think it was stress, or starches. Either one of the two. Maybe even both. Doesn’t matter. What matters is what I did to get back to 120 lb while feeling fabulous.

Getting fit after 40 is not the same as losing weight

Every woman’s goal is look good. We aim to lose weight, because we think that weight  loss and good-looking body goes together.

That may be true when we are in our 20s, but as we age, things change. Skin elasticity, muscle tone, and joint function diminish over time. And while going on low calorie diet at 25-years of age may give incredibly pleasing results, that same diet can result in gaunt look, wrinkled skin, and malnourished appearance after 40.

Get that in your head, girl: slim body and fit body after 40 are completely different.

Here is one rule for aging women: slim is out, fit is in.

Stay fabulous and fit for women after 40

Girl, never give into an idea that 40 is old, and 50 is sick. Never give into the idea that you need to be at least 150 lb in order to prevent looking skinny and whittled. Get those thoughts out of your head! They are as big of a big BS as many diet and fitness tips you have been receiving all along.

You want to have a youthful body that looks like a million bucks and performs like a teenager?

Do this instead of this:
  • In the kitchen: stop low-fat dieting, and embrace animal fat
  • In the gym: do less aerobic, lift some heavy weights

Just these two swaps can perform miracles to your skin, hormones, and joints. For more tips and details on how to stick around and sign up for updates.

If you are curious to see whether you’ve been dangerously brainwashed by the media, take the test below. Detecting poor advice is a must for getting fit after 40.