flu prevents cancers

Flu prevents cancers?

If we could we would erase the word “flu” and everything else that comes with it. However, with the gorgeous fall colours also comes a flu season, that’s given. So what do you do in case the flu bug knocks at your door?

Is flu bad?

Nobody wants to get the flu. Flu means feeling miserable, missing work, falling behind in responsibilities and cancelling fun events. Yet despite the unpleasantness, the flu is not as useless as it is perceived. The flu virus causes a strong immune system activation leading to major changes in the body. Alternative practitioners believe that the flu has an immune strengthening and detoxifying effect. And despite the flu unpopularity even some researchers agree with this statement.

Flu against cancer?

The flu is generally perceived as the worst enemy of the immune system, yet this view is not true. The flu may actually provide a strong anti-cancer protection. For example, people who experience common colds or influenza have lower incidence of stomach, colon, rectum, breast and ovary carcinomas. The findings of this study were summarized in the J Cancer Research Clinical Oncology in 1991. Eight years later the International Journal of Cancer also published a study reporting similar findings. According to this study a history of colds and flu showed 30% reduction in risk of brain tumours. These findings are very significant.

So going through a flu or cold may not be such a bad thing after all. Remember the above when you get an infection, because feeling miserable may have immune system benefits. Just look at it as an exercise for the body.

How to shorten the flu without cancelling benefits?

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemIf you are one of those who will think about reaching for aspirin or Tylenol to ease the pain and fever, think again. Using fever suppressing medication may prolong your flu for an extra few days. Aspirin and Tylenol will not boost the immune system, so it will not help the body in fighting the virus. It only will make you feel more comfortable. Lowering the immune system response, lowers its effectiveness, so it makes sense that it would take the body longer to fight the flu virus.

If you want to help the body fight the virus efficiently you need to strengthen and boost the immune system. There is a whole host of natural substances that do just that and you can get them either in a grocery store or in your local health food store, so what are: “must-have natural flu-fighting remedies?”. For a full inside-out on flus and viruses refer to a great read “Ousting Sniffles“.

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