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Foods that boost immune system; cholesterol and antioxidants

If nutrition has nothing to do with health than KFC and McDonald meals should advertise their lunches as foods that boost immune system.

But even a fool knows that KFC or McDonald meals do not improve health, strengthens hearts or boosts immune system. No one has ever gotten a health boost from eating fries or drinking coke (unless the problem was calorie deprivation).

Nutrition, not genetics is your health driver

Are you worried about a nasty flu, autoimmune derailment, or cancer? Don’t! Because it is nutrition, not genetics that define your health future. Optimal nutrition is the key to lowering the risks and you are in charge of putting food in your mouth.

Body defenses can’t be built from nutrient-less buns or re-fried vegetable oils. They can be built on junk and sugar. Yet, somehow we forget that while lining up for fast food goodies.

Contrary to popular belief, genetics play a much smaller role in boosting the immune system than our daily menus. The good news is that anyone can improve his genetically-deficient defenses by focusing on foods that boost immune system, foods that contain abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

No processed foods boost immune system

KFC and McDonald is just a proverbial example of processed foods we eat. But they aren’t the only nutritional culprits. Look around. From Starbucks, to Subway, to Wendy’s, food conveniences are everywhere! No wonder, we got accustomed to using them daily. Yep, for the majority of us it is more than just here and there. Take outs is our lifestyle.

Muffins aren’t foods that boost immune system

Advertising works. And thanks to corporate creativity, nutritional good and bad got so complicated, we are in a state of perpetuate confusion. After years of brainwashing we have trouble distinguishing processed from fresh, food from food imitation, real from man-made, and poor quality from high quality.

Ousting Sniffles - how to build iron-strong immune systemAre you still lining up for blueberry muffins thinking they are doing your body good? But blueberry muffins isn’t the same as blueberries! Blueberries come from a shrub. Blueberry muffin is a man-made invention. 

So what do you get from a blueberry muffin? Besides five cultivated blueberry speck, you get a whole whack of junk: flour with gluten, harsh fiber to irritate your gut, oxidized vegetable oil that weakens your immune system, glucose-fructose for your oral pleasure, and a list of additives that makes the whole muffin experience “magical”.

You knew that. You aren’t much into muffins, but what about other commercial traps? Do you sip on banana smoothies rather than eating bananas, do you drink apple juice instead of going for apples, and what about that monster Frankenfood almond milk you got hooked on?

Cheap food won’t boost immune system

Have you heard of “value meal”? It sounds good, doesn’t it? It sounds as if you should take advantage of this great offering. It’s value, after all, isn’t it?

Don’t get fooled. “Value meal” does not mean “good for you”. It means “cheap”. You won’t get much nutritional value out of a value meal, except a few calories, some sugar, and some grease. But… if that’s what you are going for, you may get a good deal for a few cents.

Foods that boost immune system do not belong to cheap food variety, value meals, and factory processed foods. Foods that boost immune system are those that contain loads of nutrients. Some of those foods are high in minerals, some are high in antioxidants.

Poor immune system? Check your LDL cholesterol

Antioxidants are indispensable for the body defenses. Not only they help to make the immune system work better, they also prevent excessive damage from inflammation.

Do you know how much antioxidants your body needs? Look at your recent blood work. Although you won’t find a test called “antioxidant count”, you can figure out where your antioxidants levels are with a relative ease.

Only a few people know that cholesterol numbers reflect antioxidant needs. It’s true. A persistent lack of antioxidants causes cholesterol to go up. Watch your LDL, the bad cholesterol. If it is high, time to add some antioxidants to your diet.


Cholesterol a key to boosting immune system

What cholesterol can tell you about the immune system? Quite a bit. Elevated LDL correlates with high oxidative stress, inflammation, and weakening of the immune system. High cholesterol and inflammation goes together.

Stop right here! I know what you are thinking! Prescription medication to lower cholesterol.

The Cholesterol TrapPrescription drugs ARE the fastest way to lower bad cholesterol, but they are also a sure way to cause a whole host of other problems. Don’t try to lower your cholesterol with drugs thinking that this would stop inflammation and boost your immune system. It won’t.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs do not boost the immune system. They just lower cholesterol. That’s it. They don’t have that magical power to lower your cholesterol AND stop you from getting flu, colds, autoimmune diseases or cancer at the same time. Only your own iron-strong defenses can do that. So, why not?

If you want to have a highly effective immune system without taking snake oils or prescription drugs, there is an easy solution for that. Grab a copy of “Ousting Sniffles“. It will guide you through a variety of natural immune building steps, so you can rely on your powerful defenses worry-free.

Foods that lower cholesterol and boost immune system

There are three groups of foods that are especially high in antioxidants. These can lower cholesterol and boost the immune system at the same time. Among the three antioxidant power-houses are: spices, fruits, and legumes. Sorry, you won’t find bread, pizza, cookies, pop, fries, ice cream, or fried chicken wings in this category. Below are the best examples from the three power-houses:

  • Spices: cloves, cinnamon, sumac, but not cardamom
  • Fruits: blueberries, cranberries, red delicious apple, but not watermelon
  • Legumes: black beans, kidney beans, lentils, but not peas
  • Choose organic foods. Why? Because they contain FULL spectrum nutrients
  • Focus on spices, fruits, and legumes. Why? Because they have the HIGHEST antioxidant score
  • Cook at home to minimize processing; Why? Because any PROCESSING and storage reduces nutritional value

Foods that boost immune system also stop premature aging

Immune system is just one of many systems that rely on antioxidant levels. Practically every system needs a good supply of antioxidants to function well. Cardiovascular system, nervous system, or digestive system are not any different. Heart disease, CNS, or GI diseases can be modified by supplementing with antioxidant.

Also external beauty is antioxidant dependent. Premature aging can be accelerated by poor nutrition and poor antioxidant status. For example, lack of antioxidant may cause weight gain, age spots, cellulite, and gray hair.

Foods that boost immune system, lower cholesterol and slow down aging are available in every grocery store. Start using them daily for multitude of benefits that go beyond strengthening your defenses.

Do you know enough to stay Healthy? 

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