foods that cause high blood pressure

3 most notorious foods that cause high blood pressure

Do you know of any foods that cause high blood pressure? Sure you do! Let’s see if you can name at least one. Would it be… or…

If you said coffee or bacon you are right. Coffee and bacon are known to cause trouble in hypertension-prone individuals. Yet, whether these foods cause high blood pressure spike, or cause high blood pressure is a different story.

Believe or not neither coffee, nor bacon taken in regularly cause hypertension. They only cause a temporary spike in individuals that already have compromised cardiovascular system. If you understand that it is not bacon or coffee, but a combination of bacon and coffee with poor cardiovascular health that is the problem you may end up having a totally different attitude towards you menu.


When blood pressure spikes after eating

Here is a surprise: a new study determined that apparently healthy people who have hidden pathology spike their blood pressure after meals, regardless what they eat. Thus any blood pressure spike after any food (good or bad) should make you consider that your metabolism may be “out of whack”, even if the doctor gave you a clean bill of health.

Being unwell, while considered being healthy, is a common phenomenon. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to check for hidden health problems, while being “healthy”. You can look up HOMA-IR, TG/HDL ratio, check your grip strength, or even look at your body more carefully. For a more thorough assessment go to our Testing Page.

Foods that cause high blood pressure spikes

Foods that cause high blood pressure spikes like coffee and bacon are falsely blamed for hypertensive powers. These foods may increase BP number for people who already have hypertension, are in pre-hypertensive state, or are considered healthy, but not really are.

Coffee and bacon seldom cause any problems for people that are truly healthy and have no cardiovascular damage or metabolic changes, even if confirmed by standard blood work. 

Think about it. Have you heard of teenagers ending up up with high blood pressure from munching on two bacon slices? Have you heard of young  folks getting a surprise blood pressure spike after visiting Starbucks?

Not really. Why? Because those blood pressure spikes belong only to people with compromised health. Although… there are many circumstances when blood pressure spikes are normal, and should happen.

3 most common foods that cause high blood pressure

Having said that, if you already have high blood pressure or are pre-hypertensive, some few innocent additions to your diet can make a substantial difference to your BP readings. But again, let’s not blame any food for hypertension crisis. It is not the food, but an inappropriate body response to this food that causes the problem.

Below is a list of common blood pressure spiking foods together with their time effect on BP.  Here is a link to foods that lower blood pressure

  1. Coffee and caffeine, pop, energy drinks: these can cause immediate blood pressure spike lasting for a few hours; if you love your coffee and tea, go for a decaf version of coffee, or decaf version of tea to prevent blood pressure spikes.
  2. Salty foods: ham, bacon, sausage, cottage cheese, cured meats, Chinese food, pizza, canned foods and most processed foods: these can cause high blood pressure spike lasting several hours to a day.
  3. High carbohydrate foods: breads, pasta, pizza, bakery products, sweets, fries, most junk etc. : these can cause water retention and consequently high blood pressure lasting up to a 3 days.

High blood pressure causes

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureThe truth is that high blood pressure is never caused by one food or food combination, but by incremental malfunctioning of the body due to health-incompatible lifestyle. Heart disease isn’t inevitable, does not happen due to age, or due to red meat intake. It is neither random, genetic, or due to a curse.

It is the end result of long-term exposure to disease-promoting lifestyle factors such as:

This is why people who eat junk, are under stress, and lead a sedentary indoor life are more likely to have high blood pressure regardless of their coffee and bacon intake.

Well, here is another surprise. Hypertension is reversible, and once you reverse it (not just manage), you can eat all the bacon you want, and drink all your favorite coffee without blood pressure spikes. The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure will is show you how to deal with the annoying highs and lows on a permanent basis.

Should one then disregard foods that cause high blood pressure?

Absolutely not! Avoiding foods that cause high blood pressure, or stating it more correctly “a temporary spike in numbers” is still wise. Pay attention to foods, because it is a sudden spike rather than a steady high pressure that is more deadly. Thus, it would be prudent of you to minimize foods that cause high blood pressure to avoid those surprise spikes.

Health troubles are seldom random
Do your beliefs support your health goals?


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