Friday gossip again, because you live for it

What a wonderful sunny day it was!. We rushed to a park, where we discovered a new type of benches. They looked good, so we tried them. Shortly we discovered they were quite slippery and hard on the as.. . So we kept on walking.


This was a sugar week. Not that the waffles were on our menu, but my two videos ended up discussing sugar (maybe Halloween got in my head):  “4 Sugar Myths“, and “Are you a Sugar Addict” (this is a 5-min must watch). Also a short article on sugar and hedonic happiness is waiting in line.


It was 117.6 this morning. Old age sucks.. it’s the morning confusion that gets in the way. I did not take a photo on time. When I remembered about it, it was too late. It added a pound from clothing and breakfast. Anyhow, it’s going in the right direction. The goal is somewhere between 100 and 105. Andi said, I still need to lose some belly.


I like this gym. I will be said to say goodbye to it in a week or so. We are going for our annual NorthAmerican tour and from previous years I know that not all AnythimeFitness gyms are as clean and un-crowded as this one.


This is Lake Simcoe around Barrie. After a non hiking year (Oh my, that sounds awful!) we walked 4km along the lake, while renewing our suntans.


Off we go! Uthing 2020
If you have missed, here is our winter itinerary. We are planning to leave with the arrival of November

Oh, and if you are on a mission for better health, you should check your health benchmark now and compare it to your January score. It takes 1-2 months to see definite improvement with good self-care). PS. We are going to post our benchmark shortly.