Gossip from the middle of nowhere

This ambush happened at Anytime Fitness in Thunder Bay. I was told to “go on the scale”. I wished for less, but when you sit all day in a van driving, calories don’t just evaporate.


Yep, that’s 118.1 lb mid-day (with clothing on and breakfast inside), I think 10 less pounds will do me good, but with all that driving around, fat-shedding may have to wait. PS. I will YouTubing on how to weight loss the easy way soon. Subscribe to our Channel.


Driving through less inhabited Ontario (Canada) has its charm. Here is of the wilderness pictures we took while somewhere before Sault Ste Marie. It was cold, like minus something, which prompted us to make a video on how we heat our van.


The camera seems to work well. We did not stop to take this picture. It was shot via window glass while in full speed.


Being on the move has advantages: you can change neighbors, weather, and even scenery. This is one of our 2-hour stops on the way, where I worked on my blog post and ate my dinner.


Every day we make about 250-400 km. We have been driving already 6 days. We are still in Ontario! Gee… this province doesn’t want to end!


What do we eat for snacks? We don’t ‘snack too much as our meals are very satisfying, but when you drive, and drive, and drive, you gonna give in to some boredom munch. This is our staple snack: chocolate with hazelnuts. How much? It all depends on a day, lol!!!


Why do I even bothering with posting this? Because we want everyone to know that good health is possible even under the most difficult circumstances like cold weather, living in a van, or travelling full time. There is no need to be sick. Being unwell is unnatural. So, find out your health baseline and get your Uthing back!