Great muscles come from saturated fat

Great muscles come from fat! (full)

If you think great muscles can only come from exercise, you are far from the truth. There is an easier way to get great body and have excellent physique. You do not have to buy any new fitness equipment, but you need to look closer at your dinner plate.

Diet can really define your musculature as well as strength and stamina. And here is good news. Great muscles come from a healthy diet, so building muscles means that you are also building health.

You do not need to drink protein shakes to get an awesome body or strip your plate off calories to remove fat layers from your abs.

I know it may be confusing, so let me repeat. To get a slim body and have great muscles, you DO NOT NEED TO, in fact you shouldn’t:

  • eat low calorie diet
  • avoid fats
  • eat man-made “foods” such as protein shakes, or
  • exercise heavily

If you currently are doing the opposite:

  • watch your calories,
  • eat low fat diet,
  • drink shakes and
  • exercise

you are working too hard. It is time to change for the better. After all, who does not want to reverse the clock, feel great, look younger, and have more free time?

Fat for good looking muscles

Did you know what food build great muscles? Fat. That’s right. You want to have great muscles you need to eat more butter. NOT peanut butter or canola oil, but plain cow-made butter. Butter fat is an awesome fuel for your muscles (hence immediate increase in power) as well as it can boost sex and growth hormones helping with muscle growth.

But butter is high in cholesterol and will clog up the arteries, right? Wrong! Butter increases cholesterol, but predominantly the good type, and cholesterol in blood is not related to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Cholesterol – atherosclerosis connection is old news and no longer valid.

Did you know that low cholesterol is not good? There is a link between low cholesterol and higher cancer occurrence, low cholesterol and inflammation, low cholesterol and poor memory. Cholesterol is needed, and in fact, necessary for us, so do not look at butter as your enemy, but the best allay in health and beauty. Next time when you look in the mirror and wish for a leaner, more muscular body think “butter” without hesitation.



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