whats behind bloating symptoms

Guess where your bloating symptoms are coming from

Are you perturbed by bloating symptoms? Is previously good food turning against you and instead of nourishment, you get abdominal distention, gas, and digestive discomfort?

Is this a sign of aging, a normal phenomenon, or is there something about that distended belly?

Please, not another diet for bloating…

In search for abdominal comfort, to maintain social grace and peace of mind while choosing pants many of us seek the advice of Dr. Google. Wasn’t that the case for you today? Didn’t Dr. Google prompt you to read this article while you were searching for answers for bloating symptoms? Well, it is your lucky day.

You will not have to go on another diet to soothe your internal organs. Instead this article will give you a bit of insight as to where your bloating symptoms may be coming from. Be prepared for a surprise.

The internet is full of advice as to which diet is best for a happy belly. You can chose gluten-free, FOODMAP, low-carb, and a thousands more versions of belly-flattening food combinations. By now you are already steering away from onions, beans, broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, milk products, and alike in hopes that your belly will be less likely to explode.

Yes, a belly-friendly diet can bring soothing relief to those overstretched waist lines, but while happy with temporary results you need to give consideration as to how long you are planning to be on a food-restricted diet.

Are you OK with a life-long commitment of checking every restaurant meal coming your way? Will you not mind removing nutritious food groups from your menu? Before you embark on a nutrient restricted life you should consider the cause behind your bloating symptoms.

Causes of bloating symptoms

Bloating symptoms are obviously related to changes that happened in your digestive tract. There is nothing wrong with treating an occasional bloat with a special diet. However, what most people seem to forget is that bloating is the end effect, not the cause of the problem.

If you have a leaky faucet you wouldn’t consider constant counter wiping a good solution. You would want to fix the tap instead, right? So why would you want to avoid otherwise nutritious foods that “cause” or more correctly contribute to bloating instead of fixing your gut?

One more cause for bloating symptoms

Bloating is associated with changes in digestive flora, liver function, stomach performance as well as changes in digestive enzymes. There are many contributing factors that can affect the above, however the most common denominator of failing digestion and the resulting bloat is… insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is not the same as diabetes

Insulin resistance is an early forerunner to diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance may not result in a high blood sugar reading on the routine lab test and because of that is easily missed by doctors. You do not have to be diabetic to be insulin resistant.

Insulin resistance causes changes to many organs and systems including digestive function. Bloating, carbohydrate intolerance, and easy weight gain are all symptoms of insulin resistance. However, symptoms of insulin resistance are not limited to these. If you are experiencing hair loss, brain fog, tiredness, sleepiness after meals you have more clues than needed to prompt you to fix insulin resistance rather than just a bloat.

High or fluctuating blood pressure?

If insulin resistance is already well on its way you may also have a tendency for elevated blood pressure. Your doctor could have mentioned high cholesterol, and you may suffer from aches and pains related to hidden inflammation.

It would be foolish to treat blood pressure, cholesterol, and muscle aches separately, because they are all part of the same disorder. Therefore, you should not look for a diet to cure your bloat, supplements to cure cholesterol, and prescription meds to cure high blood pressure. This scattered approach will not cure anything. foods that cause high blood pressure

Cure for insulin resistance

How to cure insulin resistance? I wish the answer is simple, fits in one sentence and applies to anybody reading this article. Unfortunately the causes of insulin resistance are many and varied. For one person insulin resistance could have started with the use of antibiotics, for another insulin resistance may follow a period of excessive stress, for yet another it would follow dietary indiscretions.

Learning health skills

Despite these differences it is absolutely possible to permanently reverse insulin resistance, but not without learning several basic health skills, like the ability to choose healthy foods that are right for your constitution, manage stress better and improve relationships with people around you.

Understand how and when to use body-friendly natural medicine rather than health-damaging chemical medication and most of all be able to tell whether you are healthy or just surviving. Too many people are focusing on minor symptoms such as bloating, while completely unaware that a disease monster such as diabetes may be lurking around the corner.

I hope that after reading this article you will look at your belly a bit more seriously and consider bloating to be a sign of declining health. Rest assured that no anti-bloat diet will improve your health or treat causes of health decline. It can only temporarily flatten your belly.

So if you are serious about your health, not just about a more appealing waist line, treat bloating symptoms as part of your overall lifestyle improving habits that focus on health and not just your belly… starting today.

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