Health Chats Memories

For your enjoyment here are the photos from Health Chats in Arizona.
This is how Andi makes coffee, so Dorothy can have a few sips while Health Chatting. If you have never been in our van, this may be your curious one time peak inside. For a little more go to “our version of vanlife” post or van conversion video


In the meantime, behind the van… private kettlebell session. Watch out for Dick and Ken. They may become kettlebell pros in no time! To review low back technique, go to Andi’s video.


Would the string hold? Yep, master inventor, Andi, says this particular contraption is stronger than steel. To attest.. no one has fallen off the van yet. To see what else we put in the van follow our purchase page


Hips to the front, then bum to the sky. Ladies, don’t get too excited. This is not a script for seduction, but a simplified instruction for a basic kettlebell swing and yes, it will make your heart happy. For other type of seduction use 69 Pleasures.


The making of our Health Chat sign: vinyl whiteboard wrap and a pair of scissors, some counter space and a tad of patience.


Can I live to 120? Here’s Victoria trying the trick out.


Please, please people just don’t throw potatoes if I say something you disagree with. Health is a skill, not a pill, and I am sticking to it.


New pros are coming up… didn’t I tell you?


Squeeze that sh.., Anita! Your life span depends on it! To read on the importance of grip strength, jump to our article on weakoma


Some people just like lying around. Here is a clear example. And no, low blood pressure was not to blame.


Brewing organic gold on self-made outdoor kitchen. Most of the time it tastes good, occasionally it’s flavored with desert sand.


How to ensure that the new generation is well versed in health parameters? Sarah knows! To get your dynamometer (grip strength tester), use this link


Hey, Victoria. Here is your second chance to get that 120 years going! Squeeze hard!


Health Chats at Skooliepalooza. One day only. Then back to Plomosa Rd, where we felt more at home.


Our first ever Health Chat. At that time we did not know if anybody would show up. We were totally taken by surprise.


Constant improvement requires changing perspective. Remember the rule: if something does not boost your health in two months, try something else. Here is a set of test you can do to see whether you are going in the right direction.


Yes, you can turn your rig into a health spa and gym whip with just two strings and a PVC pipe!


Just a casual yak around with the first Health Chats participants.


Special thanks to Dave, Sarah’s husband, who took photos when nobody was watching. Many ended up right on this page. Thanks Sarah for superstarring in this photo.


Crazy beginnings. If the Health Chats go big we will be telling the kids how it all started behind a converted van in the middle of the Arizona desert. Let’s keep the momentum gong! Invite us to your get-together, whether health, church, community, or friend support group. Health is a skill, not a pill. Why not learn? Talk soon.

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And if you were planning on scribbling a few words about Health Chats, the time is now. Thank you for supporting us. Talk soon. Dorothy & Andi.