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Health Myths

Many believe that chronic diseases including cancer are random or genetic misfortunes, simply a potential part of ageing.

There never is anything random; it may not be fully understood, but is never random. Ageing has little to do with diseases, except for the incremental cumulative effect of disease-promoting lifestyle habits.

Healthy lifestyle has benefits

Healthy lifestyle habits offer continuous rewards of a healthy waistline, a healthy mind and of course a healthy body, allowing one to enjoy life to the fullest potential.

Poor lifestyle habits will incrementally fail your waistline, mental health and physical health, often so gradual that you don’t notice and have already forgotten what it feels like to be full of love, vigor and virility. Please remember that even if there is a genetic predisposition to certain disease, the body milieu has to be appropriate for the disease to proliferate. Genetic expression that is independent of the environment only makes up for two percent of cases.

What makes us sick

Let’s take an example of cancer. There never is just one thing that causes it. Yet there are many incremental factors that contribute, such as

  • poor dietary habits,
  • lack of physical activity including
  • lack of outdoors, i.e. fresh air and sun exposure;
  • regular use of over the counter, illicit, recreational and/or prescription drugs,
  • environmental toxins, including
  • herbicides, pesticides,
  • contaminated water,
  • EMF,
  • heavy metals
  • plastics,
  • stress and negative emotions,
  • poor gut flora (also due to diet and/or pharmaceuticals), including
  • toxin producing microbiota,
  • obesity,
  • unresolved inflammation,
  • oxidative damage, and

many more factors, all leading to toxic build up in conjunction with lack of adequate detoxification and insufficient immunity.

Good health is not random

Too many people believe that diseases including cancer have a pattern of striking randomly aiming even at healthy individuals however too many are incapable of critical evaluation of own health status as well as own lifestyle habits and own health of environment. This is most often due to a lack of knowledge and general misinformation. Misinformation that is often even deliberate due to the financial gain of the “misinformant”.

Not feeling discomfort does not equal good health

Many believe they are perfectly healthy, but upon closer evaluation one gets to realize they are on many different regular pharmaceuticals, for many years already. Please understand the reality, by the time you regularly use any prescription, over the counter or even recreational drugs you are not healthy, you may only feel better. Feeling better under the influence of any drug only provides an illusion of good health, the reality comes when the effects wear off and it’s time for the next dose.

Many believe they eat healthy, but an analysis of the diet diary says a different story.  Frequently the diet is made up of convenient fast foods, rather than carefully prepared quality, natural whole food meals.

At this point the excuses are presented: “this was a rare week, I was busy and just grabbed a bite”, “I usually eat better”, “I don’t have the time to prepare lavish meals”, “it’s too expensive, to buy organic.” Please remember that non-foods (food-like items) are non-essential and in fact we thrive in their absence.

Be prepared to face the reality: health and disease are not random events. If you want healthy waistline, a healthy mind and a healthy body start here: cut out the useless snacks and indulge in quality real food. Your body will love you back.



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