I LOVE technology! Below you will find a few gadgets that can answer many questions about your body and your lifestyle habits.

Fitbit, activity tracker

These brands have earned a reputation of being the most popular in electronic wearables. Pick the function, style, and color and make your workouts a snap.

Relaxation Facilitator

A neat audio-visual synthesizer with crisp sound and vibrant colors. Fifty different program, so plenty to choose from to get you to a desired state of mind. Quite entertaining yet able to put the mind at ease and facilitate relaxed and even meditative state.

According to users it can help with insomnia, chronic stress, lack of concentration, confusion, emotional glitches, and many  other conditions. Great reviews.

Drugless Blood Pressure Control

  • Clinically proven to lower blood pressure within weeks
  • A device, not a drug
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Has zero side effects other than relaxation
  • Includes: RESPeRATE device, respiration sensor, ear buds, user manual, and 4 AA batteries

5-min to Relaxation

PIP is  a modern way to address stress on the go. PIP can make you aware of situations that are stressful to the body and help you relieve stress in just five minutes.

PIP measures Electro Dermal Activity by sensing the electrical changes at the surface of the skin. The gadget is a robust, scientifically established indicator of a stress response with high rating of approval.

Nervous System Trainer

Chronic nervous system excitement is the main reason why we feel burnout, have trouble sleeping, focusing, and have higher risk for high blood pressure. The problem is this chronic over-excitement occurs without our conscious knowledge. EmWave2 helps with that.

EmWave2 is an intelligent device that monitors nervous system activity. You can play games while getting better control over the nerves.

Portable ECG

ECG on the go? Yes! No wires, no doctors appointments, no hassle. Place your fingers on the pads and check the results.

Medication Reminder Watch

Have you ever wondered if you already took your pills? It happens to all of us. Memory is not perfect so how do you prevent under- or over-dosing?

Here is a modern solution: a medication/supplementation automatic reminder. It is a watch specially designed for this task. The gadget is ideally suited for meds or supplements that have to be taken on time and cannot be missed, like insulin.

Oxygen sensor

Chronic fatigue, frequent yawning, naps? Maybe you are lacking oxygen.

There is an easy way to see your oxygen fluctuations minute to minute. Clip the monitor on the finger and within a few seconds the oxygen levels will display.

Oxymeter is truly a fantastic monitoring tool for people with fatigue, breathing issues, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, and any chronic disease that may decrease oxygen.

This particular device also measures heart rate, is durable. Comfortable. Easy to clean and affordable.