The more you know about your body, the better. Here you will find a list of health screening products. Go through the list. You may be surprised what you can test.

DNA Test, Ancestry

Genetic testing is getting extremely popular. Besides paternity tests, now one can test for disease susceptibility,  and even an ancestry line.

Ancestry DNA can be helpful in optimizing health. Knowing where you came from may help you discover your environmental adaptability and functional strengths.

DNA testing is an open book. We are yet to discover its importance.

H. Pylori Test

Stomach pain and discomfort may have many origins. Knowing whether your stomach is a breathing ground for H.Pylori can make a huge difference to effective treatment. If you have the bacteria no amount of digestive enzymes, and stomach teas will do. Only H.Pylori specific treatment (not necessarily antibiotics) will remove the symptoms.

Until recently H.Pylori test was only available through primary health care providers, which was inconvenient, expensive, and invasive. Today you can test for H.Pylori at will, conveniently at home, and follow up with appropriate natural treatment. That’s what I would do if I had bloating, indigestion, stomach pain or heartburn.

Private HIV Test

Home test, laboratory grade. Oral swab- no blood.

Results within 20 min. No need to visit lab. All results private.

Strep Throat Test

Sore throat is a common problem, but not all tonsil issues require antibiotics. Viral infections respond well to home remedies and seldom require medical intervention. However, invasive bacteria in the throat should not be tolerated.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell, just by looking if the inflamed tonsils need medical help. This is where Strep test becomes handy. It takes a swab and a few minutes to know whether the tonsils harbor Steptococcus bacteria.

This test is invaluable for moms worrying about their kids and adults that attract colds and flus. The test can be used multiple times.

Vitamin D Test

When testing for vitamin D became available for physicians I run a batch test on my patients. To my surprise at least 85% were deficient. Why so?

Our modern lifestyle is very vitamin D unfriendly. Low fat diets, processing and heating foods, as well as sun avoidance make vitamin D production difficult. With low vitamin D we get more prone inflammation, cancers, and autoimmune diseases.

For that reason if you haven’t been tested for this vitamin you should. Get your kit today.

Breast Screening

Every woman thinks of her breast. With a rise in breast cancer there is always a concern. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get through all breast screenings at a doctor’s office. The tests may be invasive and costly.

That’s why this glow light may be a great solution. It is easy to use, completely non-invasive, and provides immediate results. It can screen for variety of breast diseases, not just a lump.

Blood Type Test

Many of my patients asked if I could give them a requisition to test for blood group. Their medical doctor did not see a reason to do so unless a woman was pregnant. I understand. Medical doctors do not prescribe blood type diets or metabolic typing system.

Blood typing is a very simple test and today it does not require doctor’s approval. Everyone should know their blood type regardless whether they follow D’Adamo recommendations or not. Get your kit today if you are can’t tell your blood group.

Vaginal infection Test

Something itching, smelly, or feeling funny down there? It may be vaginal infection.

Here is a discrete test for your privates. No need to make an appointment at a clinic, wait in line, and then wait for the results.

You can do the test yourself and screen for variety of infections. The test gives nearly immediate results, but should not be used during pregnancy due to increased possibility of error during that time.

Bladder Infection Test

Burning, urgency, discomfort while going to the bathroom? It can be bladder infection, but is it? Before taking a day off from work to go to the doctor you may get an answer within 30 seconds without leaving your home.

Over 95% of all bladder infections resolve itself without any need for antibiotics. You may want to try home methods first and retest their effectiveness the next day. There are 25 tests in the box, so you likely won’t run out.

But don’t wait till you have an urgent need for the test. Keep it in your bathroom cabinet, just in case.

Colon Cancer Test

Every wondered if your bowel irregularity can mean something different than just a simple constipation? Talking to a doctor about rectal issues may be embarrassing, and the tests inconvenient.

But here is a simple solution to both dilemmas: 5-minute home test. This test kit gives you access to the world’s most advanced screen for colorectal cancer, the same test that physicians use.

There is no need to worry and no need to wait any longer. Test yourself and the family today.

Food Sensitivity Test

This is my favorite test. It helped solve the health puzzle for many of my patients. From weight gain, to diabetes, to chronic fatigue, to recurrent infections, to high blood pressure, to hyperactivity, to eczema, to joint aches… they somehow all have a component of food sensitivity. It is amazing how such a simple diagnostic test can have such a profound effect on health.

I believe that IgG food test should be done by everyone regardless of the health state. If you haven’t done yours yet, here is your chance. Two different panels to choose from. 


Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test

Curious what’s bugging you in the air? Here is at home – CLIA-Certified Adult Test, which gives personalized accurate blood analysis of 40 common allergens. The panel includes pet dander, mold, trees, grasses, and pests. Just a drop of blood and wait for the results. 

Blood Pressure Wireless Log

Hypertension is extremely common. The problem is that blood pressure is never the same. It fluctuates from extra high to extra low. Communicating these changes to a doctor is vital as proper adjustment of meds depend on this data.

But keeping a written blood pressure log is outdated. Syncing phone with blood pressure cuff is now trending. Get up to date and make your doctor’s life easier. Show him digital data, not illegible scribbles.

Blood Pressure Monitor

There is a reason why this is my favorite brand. I’ve been using exactly this model in my clinic for close to over a decade. It never failed, mis-fired, or get broken, despite being dropped on the floor many times.

It also (at least my old model) provides an auditory mimicry of the heart rate, so one can immediately tell if the heart rhythm is off.

4-Point Cortisol Test

How are you managing your stress? How are your adrenals?

4-point saliva cortisol test can help with these questions. Know your cortisol output because both excess and deficiency of cortisol has health consequences.

For example, high cortisol is associated with high blood pressure and high blood sugar among other symptoms. Low cortisol, on the other hand, can be the cause behind low blood pressure and low blood sugar.

Hormonal Test

Whether you are suffering from fatigue, blood pressure fluctuations, erratic blood sugar, or anxiety attacks you may want to check your hormones.

These saliva test can test variety of hormones, from cortisol and estrogen, to DHEA and progesterone. Order the kit, collect saliva at home and mail it to the lab. Highly accurate. Results are included in the price.

Comprehensive Thyroid Test

This at home test not only checks for TSH, the most commonly done thyroid marker, but also tests for actual hormones: free T4 – thyroxine, total T4 – Thyroxine, and free T3 – triiodothyronine. It also check for an autoimmune marker, TPOab – Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Cholesterol Test

What’s your cholesterol like today? Now you don’t have to make appointments at a clinic or a lab, because you can check your lipids, including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and even triglycerides at home.

If you are working on lowering your cholesterol this home test may be just what you were looking for. Accurate numbers, immediate results, convenient setting, and you can repeat it as frequently as you want, even weekly.

HbA1C Test

Many people do not know there blood sugar levels and rely on tests done by their doctor. But these may not be frequent enough. This is where home tests come in.

This Hemoglobin A1C test provides easy monitoring of blood sugar at home. It requires a small blood sample and the results are ready within five minutes. This is a must test while changing the diet or making alterations to drug regimen.

For best management of diabetes hemoglobin A1C should be tested monthly and combined with daily glucose checks.

Glucose Monitoring Wireless

Things get modern very fast and glucose monitoring methods do not stay behind either. Here is the latest convenient innovation that wirelessly sends glucose data to a smart phone.

There is no need to keep history, time or date as before. Handwritten glucose logs are so yesterday. And let me say it as a doctor… I really like smart phones. They keep things well organized and make health care easier.

hsCRP Test for Inflammation

High sensitivity CRP is a standard inflammatory marker which should be of interest to anyone wishing to lose weight, reduce cardiovascular risk, and improve metabolism.

hsCRP + vitamin D 

Two important health checks in one: an inflammatory marker hsCRP and a metabolism marker vitamin D. Excellent bundle if you want to check both, but also want to save money and minimize hassle with filling out forms and shipping.  

Hair Mineral & Toxic Metal Test

Hair analysis is one of my most favorite clinical tests. It is inexpensive, non-invasive, easy to administer, non-painful and presents extremely valuable information about the body that cannot be obtain by using other tests such as blood or x-rays.

Hair analysis has been helping my patients for over eighteen years. It turned out to be an extremely valuable tool in detecting nutritional deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities. I cannot image giving nutritional advice without knowing anything about nutritional status of a person.

Nutritional deficiencies abound, but they are hidden. Contrary to popular belief, they are the most common underlying cause of chronic illnesses. Unless you discover and remove them you may suffer chronic and annoying symptoms that you may innocently blame on genetic, undiagnosable disease, or a health predicament that one cannot do anything about.

Insulin Resistance+ Tests

6-in-1 Health Test | Cholesterol & Lipids Test Kit | Avg Blood Sugar, a1c | Insulin Resistance, Pre Diabetes Testing Kit | Inflammation

Thanks to advancements in home lab tests finding such risk today is extremely easy. Unfortunately despite its simplicity this test is not part of routine medical screens. If you, or anyone in your family have gained weight please do your due diligence, get everyone tested. Be aware that while diagnosis and treatment  is the specialty of health care professionals, prevention of disease is left to an individual, like yourself.

Vitamin C Test

Do you get enough vitamin C? If you don’t test yourself, you are just guessing. So test yourself and be sure.

Sperm Test

Infertility is a big problem in developed countries.  Treating infertility may be costly, ineffective and frankly embarrassing. Here is a test that can check for one of the common infertility causes: low sperm count. This test can be done in privacy of your own home (ahhh!)

Boosting low sperm count is not out of the reach of an average person. Improving nutrition and removing negative environmental factors can improve sperm count in a few months. So, if you aren’t blessed with kids, see what you can do about it. Start with getting a sperm count done.

Recreational Drug Test

Teenager at home? Suspicious behavior? Now you can discretely check for recreational drug use right at home. It is a DIY test with instant results. No need to send urine samples to any lab neither pay for analysis. Simple color indicators give clear yes or no answer.

This test screens for use of twelve different types of recreational as well as prescription drugs including Marijuana (THC), Cocaine (COC), Opiate (OPI 2000), Methamphetamine (MET), Oxycodone (OXY), Amphetamine (AMP), Barbiturates (BAR), Benzodiazepines (BZO),Methadone (MTD), Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene (PPX). 10 pack.

pH test strips

Have you heard that the body needs to  be alkaline and that the pee should reflect that? For those who are curious about their acidity/alkalinity status here are pH strips.

These are suitable for both urine or saliva testing and indispensable for those who want to balance their acid-alkaline state. Easy to read, immediate results.

Air Purity Test

We don’t think much of air we breathe inside the buildings because we believe that indoor air is just as good as outdoor. Not so.

Indoor air can carry 100x more pollutants than outdoor air, but even with such difference we won’t be able to tell with our eyes or noses that something is wrong with it.

This kit lets you test for formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, mold, yeast and fungus, toxins you may not expect. This test is especially important for small kids, asthmatics, or elderly that have lung disease.

Asbestos Test

Surprise! Azbestos is seldom tested, despite many people having been exposed to it. Azbestos can cause lung damage and long-term health consequences.

Azbestos, despite being hazardous to health is still found in man-made structures. Old houses and buildings can have it. Excavations, renovations, construction work can expose a person to this hazardous material.

Testing is easy. Get a kit. Send a sample. Get the results. That’s it.

Heavy Metals in Water Test

Current medical system gives very little attention to environmental disruptors of immune system as if weak immune system somehow happens by itself. Heavy metals are one of those hidden factors that can contribute to recurrent infections, chronic fatigue, nerve pain, and even dementia.

Heavy metals are widespread in the environment. They can be found in water, soil, and construction sites. They can contaminate tap water, and garden vegetables. Heavy metals are carcinogens.

Some occupations are especially prone to heavy metal exposure. Among those are truckers, mechanics, construction workers, welders, industrial workers, and miners.

Since blood work is unreliable, testing for long-term heavy metal exposure is on you. Test yourself, your kids and your pets, especially if living close to industrial sites or cities.

Mold Test

When I get patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental sensitivities, or allergies I always wonder about presence of mold at home. I also get suspicious when I see patients with chronic sinus infections, immune system disorders, asthma, or eczema.

Mold is wide-spread. Old houses, wet basements, and moist climates make it worse, but having someone come in to check your home can be expensive. This is where a mold kit can really be handy. There are no lab fees and no one would visit your home, so get your house tested right away.

Drinking Water Test

Do you know what you are drinking? Tap water is said to be pure, but that’s not always true. Be on a safe side. Test your water, whether from a tap or a well.

Radon Test

It does not have to smell bad or look bad to be bad. Radon is completely odorless and invisible, yet it is highly toxic. Many homes, especially basements have radon leaks from the ground. Test your home. Lung cancer isn’t fun.