Health Chats... where learning is fun

Welcome to Health Chats, our signature presentations. Our Health Chats are interactive and thought-provoking, intercepted with hands-on tests and experiments. They entertain while seamlessly teaching health strategies to adults.

You will love our Health Chats if you like learning in an informal atmosphere and having fun while discovering shortcuts to health.

What are Health Chats about?

Health Chats touch on the trendiest topics:

  • nutritional approaches to metabolic perfection: cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation, hormones
  • effective weight loss strategies
  • tips and tricks for functional longevity and
  • detailed steps to score an “A” in health.

What we want to accomplish with all that? Here is our mission.


Health Chats in Arizona
One of our Health Chats sessions on an Arizona desert. This day we learnt how to measure the adrenal strength by using a blood pressure monitor. Why do we teach health skills? To show you shortcuts to better health. Check out our story


Where are Health Chats held?

Our Health Chats are extremely “portable”. We can deliver them in

  • living rooms
  • corporate boardrooms
  • gyms
  • libraries
  • community rooms
  • coffee shops
  • churches
  • RV campgrounds
  • and city parks.

They require no special setup. Ok, but where are you guys? 

We are located…

We are nomads. We travel through Canada, USA, and Mexico. Please let us know where you are and we will try to adjust our travel itinerary accordingly.

How long are Health Chats?

They can be scheduled as a single 2- or 4-hour segment, a series of 1-2-hour sessions over several consecutive days, or in any way that suits the host’s (that is you) arrangements.

Here are some of the pictures from our Arizona’s Health Chats marathon

How much do they cost?

Health Chats are a community service. They are free of charge and there is no financial commitment. However, donations are welcome.

Ready to schedule a Health Chat?

We would love to hear from you! Send us your email us tell us your health wishes. There’s has never been a better time to get an “A” in health!