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Healthy Friendship? One way to tell

Friendship is a serious matter. It’s the shoulder you can cry on, a warm hug, and the “go to” source for the most relevant updates. Healthy friendship is the “safe space” where you test your viewpoint, go for honest opinion, and maybe even deconstruct your ego. 

“The privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.” – Charles Lamb

But don’t confuse friendship with a confessional box, complaint department, or with admiration entourage. This is not what healthy friendship is all about.

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Immoderate laughter; Suzanne & Lillian edition

There is one way to tell if you are in a healthy friendship. Healthy friendship makes you grow. That means healthy friendship is not all glory. You may get into heated arguments, get hurt, and have your world turned upside down. But that’s all part of the greater plan. 

“Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.” – Thomas J. Watson

Healthy friendship is not there to make you feel good or approve your lifestyle. Is not to echo your opinions or to shower you with compliments every time you turn. Healthy friendship is to facilitate you becoming wiser, emotionally mature, and whole. Choose your friends accordingly. 

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Andi, you are no camera. Smile!

Have friends? You shall be in good health!

You need friends to keep in good health. Friendship is like relaxation, comedy, and fitness all in one. Friends make you laugh, encourage you to get out of the house, make you more sociable, teach you a few new things, and keep you busy. It’s a big part of a healthy lifestyle

Friends  make you live longer. Did you know that it is not the close relationships with children that has an effect on your longevity, but the number of friends you have? Studies show that those with the largest circle of friends outlive those with the smallest by 22 percent!1

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Can you tell the weather was great?

The longevity plan

Sure, but what does the pool party have to do with all this?

Sh…. It’s our longevity plan. The tactic is to travel the world and meet everyone. We joined Finding Friends Past 50 for that reason and we met everyone at the pool party. We had great time: relaxation, comedy, and fitness all in one. What a wonderful way to stay healthy.

Thanks Suzanne & Peter! You made us all live longer, but I bet it was your plan all along.

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The food was great, too… no seriously, why are you laughing?


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All prepared by a flip-master, Peter the Great Host


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Past 50? How’s your eyesight? Can you spot yourself, or someone you know?
How much do you know about Health?