Environmental health is a big topic. From asbestos, to lead, to pesticides…. we may be living in toxic surroundings without having a clue about it. Fortunately, there is a number of tests you can do to eliminate the most obvious culprits.

Air Purity Test

We don’t think much of air we breathe inside the buildings because we believe that indoor air is just as good as outdoor. Not so.

Indoor air can carry 100x more pollutants than outdoor air, but even with such difference we won’t be able to tell with our eyes or noses that something is wrong with it.

This kit lets you test for formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, mold, yeast and fungus, toxins you may not expect. This test is especially important for small kids, asthmatics, or elderly that have lung disease.

Asbestos Test

Surprise! Azbestos is seldom tested, despite many people having been exposed to it. Azbestos can cause lung damage and long-term health consequences.

Azbestos, despite being hazardous to health is still found in man-made structures. Old houses and buildings can have it. Excavations, renovations, construction work can expose a person to this hazardous material.

Testing is easy. Get a kit. Send a sample. Get the results. That’s it.

Heavy Metals in Water Test

Current medical system gives very little attention to environmental disruptors of immune system as if weak immune system somehow happens by itself. Heavy metals are one of those hidden factors that can contribute to recurrent infections, chronic fatigue, nerve pain, and even dementia.

Heavy metals are widespread in the environment. They can be found in water, soil, and construction sites. They can contaminate tap water, and garden vegetables. Heavy metals are carcinogens.

Some occupations are especially prone to heavy metal exposure. Among those are truckers, mechanics, construction workers, welders, industrial workers, and miners.

Since blood work is unreliable, testing for long-term heavy metal exposure is on you. Test yourself, your kids and your pets, especially if living close to industrial sites or cities.

Mold Test

When I get patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental sensitivities, or allergies I always wonder about presence of mold at home. I also get suspicious when I see patients with chronic sinus infections, immune system disorders, asthma, or eczema.

Mold is wide-spread. Old houses, wet basements, and moist climates make it worse, but having someone come in to check your home can be expensive. This is where a mold kit can really be handy. There are no lab fees and no one would visit your home, so get your house tested right away.

Drinking Water Test

Do you know what you are drinking? Tap water is said to be pure, but that’s not always true. Be on a safe side. Test your water, whether from a tap or a well.

Radon Test

It does not have to smell bad or look bad to be bad. Radon is completely odorless and invisible, yet it is highly toxic. Many homes, especially basements have radon leaks from the ground. Test your home. Lung cancer isn’t fun.