Healthy summer dog treats

Ever wonder how to provide more comfort for your dog in summer heat? Having a swimming pool in a backyard is handy, but what do you do if you don’t have a pool? Here is a perfect solution that would satisfy the most finicky pooches: chick-sicles!

You probably guessed already what chick-sicles are. Chick-sicles are not my invention, but I added some healthy twist to it, and also I gave them a name. So, this is how you make them.

  1. Get popsicle moulds. There are different sizes on the market, so choose the one that will match your dog.
  2. Ensure your  freezer is working. You will need it.
  3. Get chicken broth, but not just any chicken broth. I get low-sodium Bio-organic at my local supermarket Metro (previously known as Dominion)
  4. Fill popsicle moulds with the broth, but do not cap them. This is for the dog’s safety.
  5. Freeze liquid chick-sicles for a few hours, so they can be chewed and licked for maximum satisfaction.
  6. Serve with a big smile and preferrably outdoors.

For those who like special host touches you may experiment with dropping small chunks of sausage or cold cuts in for extra flavour. This is only for well-behaved dogs. For less then well-behaved dogs… watch your fingers!

If you have some trouble getting chick-sicles out of the mould you can put a small chewable stick for dogs inside the mould for easier handling. That will definitely help and be even more fun!


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