Heart rate monitor for gym, bedroom, and lunch

Most people do not own a heart rate monitor. I however believe a heart rate monitor should be a part of everybody’s personal gadgetry. It is an excellent tool not only for exercise, but also for measuring stress, and excitement.

You need a heart rate monitor to
Understand your own emotions

Excitement increases heart rate. Throughout the day we experience different emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, joy, or compassion. Our life is full of emotions, but we are seldom aware of them. The emotions come and go in a split second. A heart rate monitor can help catch these moments. It can literally translate our emotions into numbers. As we get more excited, or stressed the heart rate goes up. It goes up with the intensity of emotions, regardless whether it is anger, anxiety or worry.  When you carry a heart rate monitor you know how intense your emotions are. You can actually measure them and understand how your body reacts in certain situations. Once you know, you will be able to decide how to handle them. If you register a high heart rate frequently your body may be in a constant stress, a state you defintely want to change. A heart rate monitor can help you with just that.

You need a heart rate monitor to
Understand your own body

If you are embarrassed because your palms keep on sweating, your shoulders are tensing and your face gets red, you are not suffering from a genetic disease. You just may be under stress. These signs are normal when the body feels overexcited. They frequently accompany an increased heart rate. Although you may not be aware that your face gets red, your teeth clench, and your shoulder tightens you can easily see that your heart rate goes up on the heart rate monitor. Your heart rate monitor can help you spot the moments of excitements, so you can control your body reactions.

You need a heart rate monitor to
Teach your spouse about your feelings

A heart rate monitor can be an excellent couple counselling tool. Heart rate goes up both during arguments and intimate moments, so couples can monitor their stress and excitement level at any time. Use of a heart rate monitor during conversations can be very revealing. Certain topics may feel intensely uncomfortable, which will be translated into increased heart rate. Sudden pulse acceleration can be used as a warning sign that it is time to change the topic or stop the conversation altogether. Understanding each other’s sensitivities is a crucial component of retaining harmony between partners. For those who are more playful heart rate monitor can be used during intimate moments to guide your partner’s excitement level.

You need a heart rate monitor to
Calm indigestion

We seldom pay attention to how we eat. We eat on the run, while doing business on the phone or while watching TV. This is not good, as excitement prevents digestion. Although eating and working may sound very efficient you are not doing yourself any favor. If you try to eat while excited you are just asking for indigestion. If you are suffering from indigestion the first thing you want to do is to check if you are not trying to eat under stress. Your heart rate monitor can help you understand your excitement level. Eat only when your heart rate is low. Relaxation calms heart rate and activates proper digestion, so you will be free from symptoms of indigestion brought on by stress. Eating while under stress can cause more than simple indigestion. Stress can actually cause stomach ulcers.

The numbers you want to know

People prone to worry, anxiety or those who have stress at home or work tend to have chronically elevated heart rate. A healthy resting heart rate of a non-athlete should be about 64-68. When you frequently carry a heart rate above 80 your body will feel it and will cause a cascade of unhealthy consequences. Besides sweating and getting indigestion chronically elevated heart rate can lead to diabetes.


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