Want to get your health to the next level? Here are a few things that can do it for you.

Infrared Sauna or Mat

Infrared is all the recent buzz. It can help with detoxification, pain, muscle aches, tension, and poor circulation. If you like heat (or you’ve been a lizard in the past life), infrared can save your life during winter months.

Earthing Kit

Poor circulation, muscle aches, poor sleep? Maybe you need some grounding! Grounding is an extremely simply method for reducing free radical activity, preventing excessive oxidative damage, and energizing circulation. PS. We use grounding technique in our home and in the van.

Water Filtration

Just because it is transparent, it does not mean it is pure. Water carries not only oxygen and hydrogen, but also many potentially harmful substances, like pesticide and fertilizer residues, pharmaceutical residues, and heavy metals. We purify our water regardless of the source, whether at home or on the road

Shower Water Filtration

Skin does not have one way valves. It is highly permeable. It excretes and absorbs. Chlorine is a poisonous substance and hot showers are notorious for increasing its absorption. Installing a filter is especially relevant if you like stretching showers in time.