Here comes photo-gossip from last week!

Uthing gossip
If you were wondering what on Earth we drink, here is the summary: ginger teas and cider for Andi, organic dry wine for both of us. This will last us a while. Next restocking in a few weeks.
I like dirty guys. I mean not mind-dirty. Hand-dirty. Dirt means work. Work means many things. This particular project is adding easy access to van parts. Why? Because vans can get sick, too!
Found a dollop of metabolic syndrome in a jar. Ingredients: whole toasted soy, pressed soil oil, cane sugar, modified palm oil, and sea salt. What can go wrong? At least its creamy and has 0.5g omega 3.
Hey girls, wanna lose weight with me? This is my poundage this morning. Aiming for 110. Never been that low in my entire Canadian life. Feels good. Looks even better.
Here are country living tidbits. This coil was sitting cozy under my lawn mower. Nearly stepped on it. Uncoiled was roughly my length… or maybe my emotional shock magnified the danger. Yeah, not that good at measuring snakes.

Hey, are you into coffee and crackers?

What you eat defines your health, so

you’d better ..