High blood pressure cures

Dietary high blood pressure cures

Are there any true high blood pressure cures that do not involve the proverbial snake oils? Can blood pressure be cured rather than managed? Can one stop a lifelong dependency on blood pressure medication?

The myths about high blood pressure

The myths about hypertension infiltrated America to the core. It seems like doctors, media, and health agencies are all spreading the misinformation about high blood pressure: it is due to old age, it is deadly, and it is genetic.

But think about it.

If high blood pressure is due to old age, how come not every senior ends up with it? If spiked blood pressure kills, how come it does it in America, but not in Japan? If high blood pressure is genetic, how come many people are successful at reversing it?


Lifestyle the key to a healthy heart

We all know that eating better, exercising regularly, and managing stress is the key to a healthy cardiovascular system, but somehow few of us care to adopt this advice in our lives. Maybe it’s too much effort, maybe it’s too confusing, or maybe whatever needs to be done is in conflict with current life priorities.

The truth is that taking a pill for hypertension does not make cardiovascular disease go away. The opposite, it may actually accelerate it. The only thing that can reverse heart disease is change in lifestyle habits.

There are may ways you can start the process, either by slowly incorporating healthy foods and physical activities into the daily routine, or by making a complete overhaul of the lifestyle. Whatever your choice, make sure you don’t stack up on some anti-hypertensive snake oils making waves on the internet. Instead bringing about high blood pressure cures, they only delay health progress, and worse, they may be incompatible with the heart meds you are taking.

Dietary high blood pressure causes

Could it be that your current diet contributes to hypertension? Let’s have a look. Are your breakfasts made of corn flakes, snacks of cookies, and dinners of mashed potatoes? Are you into gravies, pizzas, fries, or chicken wings? Is your grocery basked filled with boxes, rather than fresh food? Do you drink water or quench your thirst with pop, sodas, and fruit juices?

Oh, well….

69 Pleasures kindle coverWe all make mistakes, but since you know what high blood pressure cures are, you may as well give them a try. Swap junk for real food, sodium for potassium, packaged for fresh, and undernourishment for robust health.

To make a swift change towards better health start with 69 Pleasures, a heart-healthy guide to simple, planet-friendly, energy and time efficient meals that taste as if made by a world-famous chef. I’m drooling already.

Dietary high blood pressure cures

While 69 Pleasures will give you 69 delicious and clinically-tested recipes, the summary below you will give the reasons why the recipes in the cookbook are so successful at high blood pressure cures.

Gives you heaps of fibrous veggies 

Multiple studies show that people with high blood pressure usually follow low fiber diets. However, in as little as four weeks, high-fiber diet can significantly lower blood pressure[i] in many individuals.

69 Pleasures solution: You will get a minimum of two delicious cups of veggies rich in soluble fiber daily. Look for recipes with broccoli, carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower, okra, green beans, asparagus, and celery. “Celery Artillery” or “Vegan Cure” are my favorites.

Puts nitric oxide on your plate

Nitric oxide is a molecule with significant impact on blood flow and circulation. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. Although you can buy nitric oxide in a bottle, it is actually cheaper and more planet-friendly to get nitric oxide from foods.

Among the best nitric oxide boosters are: green leafy vegetables (eg. lettuce, kale, chard, spinach), beets, broccoli, garlic, black radish, string beans, celery and of course everyone’s favorite vegetable – dark chocolate.

69 Pleasures solution:  Focus on the salad section, check heart-healthy desserts, and make some heart-friendly creamy soups. How about you treat yourself to chocolaty “Crunch Time”, effortless “Beets the other Beets”, or “Lettuce Hog.”

Here a dietary cheat sheet to stick on the fridge.


Beyond dietary high blood pressure cures

Dietary habits are very important, but they are not the only factors that decides on hypertension. What your body does and how your mind works also has a profound effect. High stress combined with limited exercise can magnify genetic tendencies to high blood pressure and can be the proverbial final straw that broke the camel’s back. This is how you need to address it:

Put some muscle on!

Did you know that physically weak people are more likely to end up with heart disease than the stronger ones? According to Med Sci Sports Exerc study published in 2010[ii] low muscle strength is significantly correlated with high blood pressure. If you have never exercised or somehow steered away from physical activities you have just found another reason why you ended up with high blood pressure. After all, heart is a muscle.

What to do: Have a minimum of ½ hr brisk walk daily and if you are adventurous enough pick up free weights 2-3x a week. Have a few sessions with a personal trainer to get you started or find a buddy to keep you company in the gym. But make sure you don’t fall for those 4 exercise myths. Any of them can stall the progress

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureRelax!

Type A or perfectionist personality can’t cure high blood pressure, because stress is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. Stressful situations spike blood pressure temporarily and can contribute to hypertension. Studies showed that stress-prone individuals have higher cholesterol as well as higher risk for high blood pressure. Stress management is now being considered as a factor facilitating high blood pressure cures[iii].

What to do: Set aside some time for yourself. Watch a comedy, meet with friends, stretch on a beach, or go for a bike ride. If you have a pet, that’s even better. Your cuddly can take your mind and your hands away from the daily worries. If you don’t know how to relax, give Muse a try. It has helped many.

P.S. Stuffing the mouth with a tub of ice-cream, although pleasurable, will not qualify – not enough intellectual involvement.

Hypertension is reversible

It’s good to know that hypertension is reversible and that there are many high blood pressure cures. However, it is important to note that neither involves a prescription medication nor a supplement, but a lifestyle change. You will find quite a few good tips on hypertension reversal in  The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating BP, so you can start your journey to better health right away.

Health troubles are seldom random
Do your beliefs support your health goals?

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